The Queen and the Sea DLC is coming soon to mobile

The excellent DLC The Queen and the Sea will complete the iOS and Android versions of the excellent roguelike on April 7th.

In early February, Motion Twin announced that mobile versions of its excellent Dead Cells would finally be entitled to all the additional content so players on consoles and PC already benefit. This promise is about to be kept; the DLC The Queen and the Seareleased on other platforms on January 6, is coming to Android and iOS on April 7.

This additional content offers two new areas accessible at the end of the usual course. These offer a substantial challenge; they will therefore offer a well-deserved extension to players who have already reviewed the smallest dark corners of the basic game.

Obviously, these new biomes end with a new boss that is unquestionably one of the best fights in Dead Cells. As you might expect, it also leads to a new alternate ending to the delight of completionists.

For those who do not own any of these DLCs, it is not excluded that a pack including all of the additional content will eventually arrive. He would then understand The Queen and the Seabut also the first two extensions Bad Seeds and Fatal Falls. The latter two are already available on mobile, and were released in March and September 2021 respectively.

Already a safe bet

The price of the mobile version of the extension has not yet been explained. On other platforms, it is available for €4.99. The mobile versions of the first two extensions, for their part, are offered at €4.59. We can therefore expect that The Queen and the Sea be offered at an equivalent price.

Anyway, it’s a nice addition that will enhance the replayability of this already very successful mobile port; based on the intrinsic qualities of the game and the success of the expansion on other platforms, we can already say that it will probably be good value for money. See you on April 7 to get to the bottom of it.

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