the ray-tracing versions approaching on Xbox Series X | S?

Available for a long time on PC, now the ray tracing would be about to make its arrival on the console version Xbox Series X|S of Minecraft. As reported on Twitter Tom Warren, editor of The Verge site, several members of the Xbox Insider program have reportedly received a very interesting update for the version Preview of Minecraft. The latter would include the ray-tracing display option, a novelty that players have been waiting for for several months now.

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Minecraft is preparing to welcome ray-tracing

The wait is long, and for good reason: Microsoft has announced the arrival of ray-tracing in Minecraft on Xbox Series X|S in 2019, almost three years ago. Since then, the Richmond firm has remained very discreet on the subject, not communicating more about this novelty exclusive to next-gen consoles. But ray-tracing might be on the way to Minecraft in earnest, if the preview version of the game some Xbox Insiders may have received is to be believed.

Minecraft Preview is a special version of the sandbox game exclusively for Xbox Insider members. It allows subscribers to the early access program to discover the new features to come in Minecraft in advance, before their official releases for the general public. It is therefore not surprising to see the ray-tracing option arrive on the version Preview… Even if everyone does not seem to be housed in the same boat, ray-tracing being for the moment reserved for only a part of the players at the present time.

Ray-tracing is a light management technology drastically superior to the methods traditionally used. It allows to display in a much more realistic way the rays of light, shadows and reflections on different surfaces and textures. The result is particularly striking in games like Minecraft which still use very basic light management. Microsoft had also shown what the management of ray-tracing in Minecraft would look like in a post on the Xbox Wire blog in 2020. What to salivate while waiting for its arrival in the commercial version of the game, which should not be long now.

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