The repair nightmare at Tesla

No motorist likes to pass the test of the mechanic. But among Tesla owners, the anxiety is still going up a notch for many of them: the manufacturer is indeed suffering from a bad image in this area, for good reasons.

Repairs at the garage are a bit like visits to the dentist: we generally have no choice, constrained and forced. When it comes to getting your Tesla repaired, it’s even worse for many motorists. A survey of Vox based on a thousand complaints filed by American owners of Tesla with the FTC (Federal Trace Commission) draws the portrait of a deficient maintenance service.

Insufficient maintenance network

There are of course spectacular incidents, like with this user who, after the repair, found rat poison in the trunk at the front, or even scratches that appeared during the operation. The main problem for Tesla remains the lack of authorized repair centers: the manufacturer sells a lot of cars, but the stewardship does not follow.

As a result, there are more and more Teslas on the road, which must be serviced by an ever-decreasing number of authorized centres. This generates enormous delays, significant costs (not to mention the immobilization of the vehicle) and sometimes sloppy work with hellish speeds. The manufacturer will only solve this problem by investing heavily in its maintenance network, but for the moment the company obviously prefers to put money into production to keep up with demand.

The complainants also point to the problems of shortage of spare parts or the defective communication on the part of the manufacturer. Serious bugs in Tesla’s less and less well-oiled machine, which nevertheless explains that it designs each of its vehicles with the objective of eliminating any need for overhaul. But we are still a long way off…

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