resident evil serie netflix date de sortie

the Resident Evil series has a release date

The live action series inspired by Resident Evil games is unveiled through two posters and Netflix gives its release date.

In the small (and growing) world of video game adaptations, Netflix reigns supreme. Among his many projects on fire, there had been very little news of the Resident Evil live action series. If we knew a large part of the cast and the plot of the first season, we did not yet know when it would be available on the platform… until now.

An availability date in just a few months

On Twitter, Netflix drops a bomb on us and gives us an appointment on July 14 to discover the adventures of the children of the famous Albert Wesker. Without too many frills, the firm simply informs us that “evil has evolved” and that it’s time for these new characters to face it. The only slight disappointment is that no trailer has been shared, so it’s unclear what the final product will look like.

As a reminder, the series resident Evil takes place several years after the first video game opuses. It depicts the two daughters of Weskers as the T-virus invaded the earth, decimated the population and created billions of monsters. In parallel, a second timeline will explore the mysteries of the past and the creation of the virus.

On the casting side, it is Lance Reddick who has the honor of playing the role of Albert Weskers, and Ella Balinska and Tamara Smart to play his children. To see all these beautiful people in action, we will have to wait for further news from Netflix, which has so far been content to prolong the suspense as to the quality of its adaptation. Should we be worried?

No news, good news ?

Although the firm is now used to this adaptation process, the result is not often convincing. The only series to have met with resounding success are The Witcher, which is more inspired by books than video games, and Arcane, the animated series inspired by League of Legends.

For the last, it must be said that Netflix had no creative influence and came to the end of the project. We will therefore have to wait a bit to find out if this silence regarding the promotion of resident Evil is due to a lack of trust or a well-rehearsed marketing strategy.

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