the revolutionary Y-Brush toothbrush is at a knockdown until tomorrow

Black Friday Week is until tomorrow night. You still have a few hours to take advantage of the exceptional offer on Y-Brush, the 10 seconds toothbrush Made in France! Impeccable oral hygiene at the best price.

Are you brushing your teeth properly? While dentists recommend brushing your teeth two minutes after each meal, very few do. Indeed, the French only brush their teeth on average for 43 to 52 seconds. And even while respecting the recommended time, it is difficult to properly brush the back teeth as the recommended action is so complex.

Fortunately, it is now a past time for your dear teeth. Y-Brush will change the way you take care of your teeth as it brushes them all simultaneously. An innovative shape, revolutionary technology and all that Made in France, this is the winning recipe for impeccable oral hygiene in only 10 seconds !

To end Black Week as it should and celebrate Cyber ​​Monday, the French startup crushes the price of its Y-Brush toothbrush. The Start Pack drops to 89.99 euros instead of 124.99 euros. But beware : it’s until tomorrow night ! Tick-tock, tick-tock …

Take advantage of the Y-Brush offer

Brush your teeth efficiently in 10 seconds thanks to Y-Brush’s NylonMed technology

With its particular shape, Y-Brush is not an ordinary toothbrush since it encompasses all the teeth of the same arch, top or bottom, to brush them effectively simultaneously instead of one by one. as is the case with a conventional toothbrush, manual or electric. In just ten seconds, you are rid of all the dirt and dental plaque.

Y-Brush’s secret to deep cleaning your teeth in just ten seconds is its NylonMed technology and its 35,000 flexible nylon filaments, as well as its system of sonic vibrations. Developed in close collaboration with dentists, it took four years to see the birth of Y-Brush. And since it brushes every area more than a standard toothbrush and doesn’t miss any teeth, Y-Brush is more effective in ten seconds than an electric or manual toothbrush in two minutes. Thanks to its Y shape!

Validated by clinical tests, it is also the only toothbrush of this form to be truly effective. You may have seen toothbrushes sporting a similar design, especially on Wish, but these products fall far short of deep cleaning your teeth. Their large silicone nubs are far too soft to be effective on dental plaque, unlike Y-Brush’s soft nylon filaments.

Take advantage of the Y-Brush offer

For everyone’s comfort, the Y-Brush toothbrush is flexible and adapts to all jaws with two sizes available. Size S is intended for children from 4 years old while size M is made for teenagers from 12 years old and adults.

And since we do not have the same sensitivity, especially when it comes to teeth and gums, the Y-Brush toothbrush offers three brushing modes: intensive with only 5 seconds of brushing, standard for cleaning in 10 seconds and soft, lasting 15 seconds. Best of all, it only takes one overnight charge on its micro-USB port for the Y-Brush to stay with you for three months. Magical…

At present, tens of thousands of French people trust Y-Brush to take care of their teeth. No wonder, therefore, that the television news of TF1, France 2 and M6 have already praised the merits of this innovative toothbrush, the only electric toothbrush made in France.

Y-Brush: last day to take advantage of the crazy Black Friday prices

Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, it’s an opportunity to cut prices. Thus, the revolutionary Y-Brush toothbrush has an exceptional offer until tomorrow evening. The price of the Start Pack falls to 89.99 euros instead of 124.99 euros. At this price, it would be a shame to miss it… This is the lowest price in the history of Y-Brush!

What the Y-Brush Start Pack includes:

  • Y-Brush toothbrush
  • A handle with integrated battery
  • USB cable
  • Access to the Y-Brush support program

Take advantage of the Y-Brush offer

At less than 90 euros, the Start Y-Brush Pack is a great idea for your Christmas gifts. This revolutionary toothbrush is an investment in impeccable oral hygiene. In addition, you only have to wait 48 hours to receive your Y-Brush. That’s what trusting a French startup!

If you want to fall for the Children’s Pack, it too is entitled to a crazy offer: its price drops to 79 euros instead of 109 euros. But these are not the only products to benefit from incredible promotions. The other packs with even more accessories are also at crazy prices on the brand’s website. But again, it’s until tomorrow night! Thus, the NylonMed Pack is 95 euros instead of 129.99 euros while the All Inclusive Pack is 105 euros instead of 139.99 euros. And if the Y-Brush Premium Pack catches your eye, it is currently at 99.99 euros (instead of its initial price of 149.99 euros) on the sites of La Fnac, Darty or Boulanger. Take advantage of these multiple incredible offers before Monday evening, November 29! After, it will be too late…

Take advantage of Y-Brush offers

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