the Rocky spinoff returns for a third round

Four years after blasting the ring, Creed is back with even more boxing and fighting. Warner Bros France unveiled a first trailer for the film always worn by a Michael B. Jordan in top form. He also works as a director. Discover in this article the synopsis, the cast, the release date as well as the trailer of CREED III.

A crazy trailer for the third installment

In this third installment of CREED, we find Adonis Creed who leads a dream life after spending years fighting to find a place in the ruthless world of boxing. The past, however, comes to disturb everything when Damian Anderson, a childhood friend, resurfaces.

Damian is also a boxing prodigy and Adonis takes him under his wing. But a strong rivalry quickly develops between them and the two will have to settle their accounts in the ring. The trailer promises intense fight scenes between Adonis and Damian.

Michael B. Jordan VS Jonathan Majors

CREED III will be the first film in the Rocky franchise to be made without Silvester Stallone. Michael B. Jordan will therefore have the heavy task of carrying the story. He can however count on the presence of Tessa Thompson who returns as Bianca, the wife of Adonis.

Damian is played by Jonathan Majors. While waiting to play the big bads in the Marvel franchise, the actor plays the surly boxers. We can see in the trailer that Damian is determined to take the title of champion. And given his size and his talent, Adonis clearly has something to worry about.

The CREED III movie release date at the cinema is set at March 3, 2023.

Official CREED III movie trailer

Source : Youtube

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