the Rolls of stick vacuum cleaners finally at a knockdown price!

The latest addition to the Dyson range, the V15 stick vacuum cleaner is a concentrate of technology. For Black Friday, some units are entitled to a nice reduction.

Released a few weeks ago at a price of 699 euros, the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute is entitled to a reduction of 50 euros at Cdiscount with the code 50EUROS. Be careful, the latter is extremely limited in quantity, you have to be quick if you want to take advantage of it:

I take advantage of the offer

The Dyson V15 in surprise promo at Black Friday

The Dyson V15 is the brand’s first stick vacuum cleaner to embed a laser on the Slim Fluffy brush which detects dust on the ground. For Dyson, this technology allows the user not to miss a thing when cleaning.

The new High-Torque brush automatically adjusts the suction force according to the surface sucked.

The mini motorized brush is perfect for picking up hair and pet hair, and the stiff brush provides deep cleaning in rugs and carpets. In addition to these brushes, the Dyson V15 Detect comes with a two-in-one attachment, a long nozzle, a mini soft brush, a low cabinet adapter, charger and docking station.

Dyson V15 Detect: a 10/10 on JDG

In our test of the Dyson V15, Alexandra gave it a score of 10/10. It’s rare enough to be stressed. His conclusion is clear:

“Once is not custom, for the counting of particles, the engineers of Dyson do not seem to us to have known how to put themselves within the reach of the general public. On the contrary, Detect technology, which consists of making dust visible using a laser, seems to us to be perfectly understandable and relevant in the context of domestic use on hard floors. Relevance coupled with an undeniable “wow effect”. The automatic mode has also won us over. Otherwise, the V15 inherits the same qualities as its predecessors, namely: powerful and comfortable suction on all surfaces, welcome versatility and easy maintenance – made even easier by the new self-detangling brushes. With this new V15 range, Dyson is consolidating its leadership position with innovative technologies without generally losing sight of the comfort of daily use. ”

This Black Friday offer at Cdiscount will not last indefinitely. Indeed, the promo code offered by the merchant is only available for 1,500 uses. To celebrate the event, the merchant is offering an extension of the free return of products until January 8. The Dyson V15 Detect is not the only model of the brand to be on sale for Black Friday. Indeed, the V7, the V8 and V11 are also in reduction, with very affordable prices. To discover all the Dyson promotions on Cdiscount, it’s here:

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