The second episode is still in development.

It’s been several years since we’ve heard from Detective Pikachu 2, the announced 2019 sequel to the adventure game for Nintendo 3DS. But fans of the most famous Pokémon can be reassured, this new episode is still in development, as recently confirmed by a recruitment announcement posted on the site of the Creatures Inc studio, developer of the first title. It won’t replace an update directly from Nintendo, but for lack of anything better…

Detective Pikachi 2 still relevant at Nintendo

This announcement, translated by the American site VideoGamesChronicles, tells us that a developer is currently at work on ” sequel to Detective Pikachu“, more specifically related to the programming of the fundamental tools for the modalisation of the game. Planned for the Nintendo Switch, this sequel should thus continue the story begun with the first game, without further information on the subject.

A spin-off from the main Pokémon series, Detective Pikachu followed the adventures of Tim Goodman, a young boy leading the investigation into the sudden disappearance of his father. He is accompanied in his quest by Pikachu, decked out in a detective outfit and with a very different character from the Pokémon anime.

Detective Pikachu served as the basis for the film adaptation of the same name released in 2019. It was the second live action film to be adapted from a Nintendo license, more than 25 years after the release of the feature film Super Mario Bros. in 1993. Ryan Renolds, known internationally for playing the character of Dead Pool in the cinema, lends his voice to Pikachu all in computer generated images.

If the film was a relative commercial success, it nevertheless remained below the expectations of Warner Bros. ; and for good reason, the film will have asked for a whopping $150 million budget for a final box office of around $430 million in revenue. And if the game has a sequel, the same cannot be said for its equivalent on the big screen…

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