the series adapted from the video game arrives in April 2022 on Canal+

While the Halo series is already a hit in the United States, French viewers are still waiting for it to be broadcast in our regions. The wait is obviously coming to an end. Indeed, in an email sent to its subscribers, Canal+ announced the broadcast of the event series for April 2022. The precise date has yet to be determined.

Many Halo fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the series in France. After a last video game, Halo Infinite, very successful, its adaptation raises many questions. In the United States, it is already broadcast and meets A great success – which is rather reassuring – to the point of already planning a second season.

In France, it is Canal+ who got the rights. But the release date is still relatively unclear. The series was originally supposed to hit our screens on March 24, but that obviously didn’t happen. On Allociné, Halo is announced for May 2022. But it may well be that she arrives earlier than expected. In any case, this is what a recent email sent by Canal+ to its subscribers suggests.

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The series arrives in France in April 2022

Entitled “What does April have in store for us? “, this email summarizes all the films and series to come on the channel next month. You would have understood it, we find Halo among these. However, the chain does not commit to giving a precise date, and it is interesting to note that the series does not yet appear on the group’s site. In other words, it will be necessary wait a little longer before knowing more about the subject.

One thing is certain, the series will also be available on Paramount+, Paramount’s streaming platform. This will be officially launched in France during the month of next december, and we can therefore logically access all the episodes of the series. By then, there is no doubt that Canal+ will have had time to broadcast the entire season. We’ll let you know as soon as we know more about the air date.

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