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the series broadcast rate may change, no more binge watching!

Netflix could well change its broadcast cycle in the future, opting for the “One episode per week” formula instead of offering an entire season, like what Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video already offer. This measure is being considered by Netflix to encourage users to stay on the platform.

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As you may know, Netflix is ​​currently going through a rough patch. During the first quarter of 2022, the streaming platform lost 200,000 subscribers, a first in ten years. Nevertheless, a study carried out by the analysis company Antenna proved that this disenchantment with Netflix was not new, since the service has been losing more and more subscribers for three years now.

To try to put the ship back in the water, Netflix has already thought about several measures. A cheaper subscription with advertisements should notably be launched at the end of 2022, while many series have simply been canceled to compensate for the loss of users. Netflix has also talked about the possibility of broadcasting live shows to attract new audiences.

Also worth mentioning is Netflix’s new anti-account sharing policy, which had the intended opposite effect. Currently in the test phase in several South American countries, this new policy has scared off many subscribers, in particular due to the additional cost imposed on the bill of users who share their accounts.

Netflix is ​​considering airing one episode a week

However, we have just learned that Netflix has another idea in mind to retain users. Indeed and as our colleagues from the CNBC channel report, Netflix wants to change its broadcast rate for series. Until then, Netflix has always satisfied binge-watching enthusiasts by offering the seasons of the latest series in their entirety.

This is not the case on Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video, where users must content themselves witha episode per week. Visibly, Netflix is ​​tempted to adopt this same rhythm of diffusionthe idea being to create expectation and encourage users to stay on the platform to see the rest of their favorite show.

For the moment, Netflix has confirmed that it will not be changing its delivery method, in particular concerning the 5th and final season of Stranger Things. But things could change in the future, and Netflix could very well opt for this weekly rhythm for certain specific series.

Source: CNBC via Android Headlines

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