the series is a hit, Paramount+ orders a second season

Paramount+ broadcast on March 24 the first episode of Halo, the television series based on the famous video game license. The broadcaster confirms that the audience was excellent, breaking several historical records. Paramount has even announced that it has ordered a second season. The series will be broadcast in France in May 2022 on Canal Plus.

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This year, the Halo series will not only be in the news for the Xbox Series X. Indeed, even if the new episode of the 343 Industries license was released a few months ago (you can also find our complete test of the game in our columns), the saga is also the subject of a series produced by Paramount. A series that we have already mentioned in our columns and of which you can find the latest trailer at the end of this article.

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Among the characters, we obviously find John-117, alias Master Chief, as well as Cortana (the artificial intelligence which supports the Spartan in his missions and which gave its name to Microsoft’s virtual assistant), or even Doctor Hasley who created the Spartan. This series, which will count 10 episodes, will be broadcast in France. The operating rights in France were acquired by Canal Plus. The audiovisual group has announced that the start of the broadcast will take place in May 2022.

The pilot of the Halo series is a hit, the second season is ordered

But across the Atlantic, the series has already begun. Indeed, the Paramount+ platform, which will arrive in December 2022 in France, has posted the first episode of the Halo series online. March 24. A broadcast that met with great success according to an article published on the official Paramount blog. The production would even have broken some historical audience records for a series that it would have developed. This is very good news.

Paramount is also very confident about the future of this series. So much so that she decided to order a second season and the main actor was also confirmed in his role as Master Chief. This is a strong decision from Paramount. Especially since the scenario is not quite identical to that of the video game saga, which did not fail to make fans of the games cringe. However, this is not a surprise, since the producers have announced thatit is part of an alternate reality. But will the script differences get the better of the pilot’s good figures… and the enthusiasm for the production? Answer in a few days.

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