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the series that makes Marvel and DC (still) outdated

The Boys returns with punchy new episodes. Season 3 will she put us in the face? Critical.

The super heroes, we eat all the sauces. At Marvel or at DC, the characters in capes and tights are everywhere, to the point that we sometimes verge on an overdose. The Boys had already catapulted these franchises into nerdy with these first two seasons, what is the third burst of episodes worth? Critical.

In 2019, with the firm intention of establishing itself as a serial reference, Amazon unveiled its new original production called The Boys. Adapted from the comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, the series parodies characters from the Marvel and DC teams, while scrutinizing our societies. An acid, trashy and sassy production, which won’t take long to attract many followers.

This new season should logically not experience too much difficulty in following the same path. We find our favorite and hated characters a year after the dantesque confrontation which cost Stormfront its hair, its skin and its dignity. The Boys have become legit, they now work for the government.

The Boys season 3
Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Hughie lives happily ever after with his girlfriend, while Butcher plays foster dad to Homelander’s offspring and his dead wife. For their part, Kimiko and Frenchie are more in love than ever, and seem to have forged an even stronger bond. La Crème is the only one who really experiences some difficulties when he tries to return to his family life. His past haunts him, it will also be the epicenter of this whole new season.

On the side of the Seven, Vought tries at all costs to stifle the scandal surrounding Stormfront. With a well-rehearsed communication campaign, boss Stan Edgar hopes to soon put this chapter behind him. He will take advantage of Homelander’s decline in popularity to put him on the sidelines. But this tranquility will be put to the test when a heavy secret is revealed. In the universe of The Boysyou can never trust anyone.

Politics, fuck fuck…

If Eric Kripke, the creator of the series does not start from scratch, he likes to infuse his story with certain inspirations and more contemporary references. The Boys is less an opportunity to parody the famous heroes of pop culture, than to paint an uncompromising picture of our societies. Consumerism, political polarization, media manipulation or patriarchy, no subject escapes the keen eye of the showrunner.

As the world was hit hard by a pandemic, and the United States faced one of the most significant political crises in its history, Kripke had material to feed the scenario. In the first two episodes, on the other hand, it is rather the parody that takes over.

Homelander Antony Starr
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Ideas that are sometimes shoehorned in, but the series is not known for its subtlety. Maybe that’s why we love her, because she cheerfully plays with her status as a parody, to push the boundaries of political correctness and trash.

If the first two parts are rather introspective, an opportunity to mark out the plot and then unfold it with ingenuity, we are not bored for a single second in front of this new superheroic adventure. The Boys is far from having said its last word, rejoice!

A bunch of a-holes

The colorful characters flourish in this predominantly scarlet painting that is The Boys. After three seasons, all the protagonists gain in density, while they are manhandled by the narration. The lines between antagonists and heroes are becoming increasingly blurred.

Already that all these beautiful people did not pass for altar boys. This season should spare no one. With equally captivating main plots and sub-plots, this new burst of episodes has it all. Without saying too much about the many twists, we will simply note that the recipe continues to work, and that the series can still surprise us in many ways. Especially since the finale promises to push the limits of social acceptability a little further.

The Boys Kimiko and Frenchie
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This success is obviously intimately linked to the casting, just at every moment. All these beautiful people know their score at their fingertips, no dissonance is to be deplored. Still, while Frenchie was the perfect comedic surety, it gets a little tougher when he tries his hand at drama. Nothing completely insurmountable, but a certain propensity to overplay which could disturb.

Antony Starr continues to send shivers down our already abused necks with previous seasons, he’s scarier than ever. A colossus of steel who imposes himself as a perfect antagonist within an obviously very political narrative.

Trash and excess

The spectators know it, the series is not to put between all the hands. Where Marvel heroes make a point of respecting the sacrosanct rule of PG-13, The Boys do everything to overcome it. This season again, hemoglobin deserves to be credited in the credits.

Always so inventive, the directors who follow one another behind the camera have understood that the key word of this series was: gore and sex. We are served, just with the five episodes that we had the opportunity to discover.

Soldier Boy
Credits: Amazon Prime Video

The Boys thus remains the ideal opposite to the sanitized films of DC Comics and Marvel, the distant cousin who shames the family, but which we love to watch. The violence is sometimes gratuitous, the scenes explicit and the language too, but that alone allows Eric Kripke’s work to benefit from a singularity within a genre very present on the small and big screen.

A remarkable performance, at a time when Marvel has invested the small skylight with its productions for Disney +. The Boys stay above the fray. It remains to be seen what the latest episodes have in store for us. We were only able to discover five of the eight that make up this new salvo. A sample nevertheless sufficient to advise you to watch without further delay the first episodes which will be added this Friday May 3 on Amazon Prime Video.

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