the shooting was very trying for Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson announces a very dark and resolutely “sad” film. He confides that the filming of The Batman was not the easiest.

Embodying the dark knight for DC was not a cakewalk for Robert Pattinson. In the midst of a promotional campaign for The Batman, the British actor confided in the conditions for filming the most anticipated film of the 2022 vintage of DC. As one might imagine, most of the film’s scenes will be nighttime, so it didn’t see much daylight. A situation that he obviously did not handle very well. He tells GQ:

“I felt very alone. Even being in costume all the time. You’re not really allowed out of the studio, so I barely knew what was going on outside. I was really, really dead afterwards. I just looked at a photo of me from April, I look green”.

“A sad movie”

It must be said that the time will not really be fun. As so often with the adventures of the vigilante of Gotham, the tone will be rather dark. “It’s a sad movie. It’s kind of for him to find an element of hope, in himself, and not just in the city. Normally, Bruce never questions his own ability, he questions the city’s ability to change. It’s just such a crazy thing to do: the only way for him to live is to dress up as a bat”.

In this new adventure, we will follow Batman in his first two years of exercise in Gotham. As he becomes the target of a dangerous criminal, he crosses paths with many villains who sow terror in the city. He should join forces with Catwoman, played by Zoë Kravitz, to put the Riddler out of harm’s way. Heavy secrets about his past should also be revealed.

A success in the making?

This is the first time that Robert Pattinson puts on the costume of the Dark Knight. Debuts that will take place on the sidelines of the rest of the DCEU, where it was Ben Aflleck who lent his features to the character. This is a golden opportunity for Warner Bros. to reshuffle the cards in its waning cinematic universe. Building on the success of Joker, with Joaquin Phoenix in the title role, the studios may be holding their new hen with the golden eggs. At least that’s what they hope since they are already betting on spin-off series. Two new productions which, like Peacemakerare slated to hit HBO Max in the next few years.

So see you on March 2 next to the cinema to discover The Batman, which will be directed by Matt Reeves. In the casting, Paul Dano, Colin Farrell and Andy Serkis will respectively camp The Riddler, The Penguin and Alfred Pennyworth. Jeffrey Wright will be Commissioner James Gordon, Batman’s ally on glossy paper and the big screen.

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