The “Silent Hill” brand renewed in Japan

The “Silent Hill” brand renewed in Japan

Konami has just renewed the brand ” Silent Hill “ in Japan. Over time, this kind of news is more anecdotal than a mark of a blessed day. And that may ultimately be the best way to welcome this new information.

Playing with the dead, more than a categorical “no”, deserves a condemnation in good and due form. When we bring this action back to video games, the indignation inevitably loses weight. But since it is about Konami, a publisher sitting on strong licenses of which it does little or nothing, we will always find voices of contradiction and raised fists.

As spotted on the Reddit site, the publisher recently renewed the “Silent Hill” brand in Japan. A deposit that would concern both the field of pure video games and that of virtual reality headsets, by adding products and services outside the video game world.

In Japan, Konami renews “Silent Hill”, but also “Gradius” and “Tokimeki Memorial”

It’s worth pointing out that this renewed trademark filing isn’t isolated, as Konami did the same for Frogger, Gradius, Tokimeki Memorial, and The Water Margin. Regarding this last name, it is a Chinese news that Konami had adapted in the form of the RPG Suikoden.

As for the reason for these renewals, it may very well be precautions taken by the Japanese publisher. Obviously, an independent developer should not take over the Frogger license to give a boost to all these traffic code learning software. The question of NFT may also arise. Because Konami, again.

The Silent Hill subject nevertheless wants to be more burning than the others because it had previously been said that several titles were in development at the publisher. One of these projects would even have been entrusted to a prestigious Japanese developer. Except that over time, punctuated by mergers and disappearances of studios, one can reasonably wonder which Japanese creators would today have the kidneys for a Silent Hill at least as striking as the demo PT.

Source: (via Reddit)

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