the smartest small Android TV projector of the moment!

“Vimgo P10 Smart”, its name says a lot about what this projector represents. It is presented as a whole new kind of smart projector, with various hardware interface, in addition to being compatible with Android and several other operating systems.

Photo of the Vimgo P10 Smart
Photo of the Vimgo P10 Smart

The manufacturer has also given pride of place to the quality of the display. How can such a small device boast of being so powerful? Find out in this test on the VIMGO P10 SMART projector.

VIMGO P10 SMART projector: design and conception

The VIMGO P10 SMART is a device that is classified in the category of mini projectors, because of its dimensions. It measures over 30.7 cm high, 25.7 long and 17.4 cm wide and weighs 1.99 kg. With these measurements, it can be mounted in several ways, namely: tripod mounting, table mounting or even ceiling mounting.

That it is a mini-projector does not make it less of a device with flattering aesthetics. For this model, the manufacturer VIMGO has opted for a modern design, with a robust structure that is resistant to wear and shocks. The device has a sealed optical engine design, complemented by an exclusive suction mechanism and color wheel sensors.

All this material prevents dust particles from entering the interior of the device, altering its operation and causing damage to the brightness and colorimetry of the images. Thanks to this, the life of the device is significantly extended.

Speaking of lifespan, you should know that the VIMGO P10 SMART projector has been equipped with an LED lamp whose lifespan is estimated at 100,000 hours. Regarding the sound, the VIMGO P10 SMART incorporates two speakers of 5 Watts each, coupled with a powerful MTK 9269 processor.

If the device remains powerful enough to guarantee a 360° surround sound experience for total sound immersion, it is almost silent, producing less than 30 dB in full operation.

VIMGO P10 SMART projector: display and image quality

With its full HD 1080P resolution, the VIMGO P10 SMART projector only supports 4K UHD videos. Unfortunately, 3D videos are not supported by the device. It is capable of projecting images with a high contrast ratio of 10000:1 and 10000 Lux illumination.

It benefits from an HDR10 brightness of 300 ANSI lumens, which ensures a very vibrant retransmission of colors and precision in detail. Thanks to these characteristics, the projector can be used in an environment that benefits from low lighting, without there being any loss of quality in terms of color, brightness and contrast.

The remote control with which the device was delivered makes it possible to adjust these various parameters, to adapt the viewing to the environment in which the projection takes place. The device also embeds the 4D keystone correction option which allows you to zoom the screen size from 100% to 50% so as to adapt to the size of the screen you are using.

This function also allows you to adjust the orientation of the screen vertically, horizontally and in a rotary way. You can use the VIMGO P10 SMART to project video on screens ranging in size from 40 to 120 inches and projection can be done from a projection distance of 4 to 12 feet.

VIMGO P10 SMART projector: multimedia interface and connectivity

If the VIMGO P10 SMART is classified in the category of smart projectors, it is because it integrates an Android 9.0 operating system. All the interest of Android in the TV experience is the comfort of use, firstly via the connection to Wi-Fi. In this regard, the device supports for example Wi-Fi, with a stream that oscillates between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz for an ultra-smooth browsing experience.

Thanks to this particularity, the handling of the device can be done from a smartphone to use Android applications such as Netflix, YouTube or Amazon Prime. It therefore becomes possible to project videos directly from its online platforms. Of course, the device is also iOS compatible. So you can use AirPlay or Netflix from your iPhone or iPad.

In terms of connectivity, the VIMGO P10 SMART embeds several multimedia interfaces, including analog with several inputs (a USB input, an HDMI input and a 3.5 mm audio jack.). The projector can be connected to other devices compatible with Bluetooth 4.2, in this case an iPhone or Android smartphone, a laptop computer or even a game console.

Our opinion on the VIMGO P10 SMART projector

This test highlights the strong points of this video projector, which benefits not only from a remarkable aesthetic, but also from intelligent functionalities.

An interesting user experience

The whole point of an Android TV projector is the fact that it combines both the functions of a projector and a smart TV. With the VIMGO P10 SMART, you therefore have a 2-in-1 device, which allows you to project videos from conventional equipment, but also from video applications. The Android system, in addition to being precise, is characterized by a careful interface.

Quality imagery

The other strong point of this video projector is the fact that it is a diffuse projection device. This feature provides perfect protection for the eyesight of the user viewing the videos. The image quality is superb whether the room is illuminated or not. The images remain very bright and well defined.

Robust and compact construction

This projector looks great. It benefits from a compact and robust construction. Because of these dimensions, we can be classified in the category of mini video projectors, even if we find smaller devices on the market. However, with its robustness, the device can be used for many years without being damaged. You are thus assured of investing in a projector with a relatively long lifespan.

A good price-performance ratio

Taking all these elements into account, the VIMGO P10 SMART has the merit of being a device with a good quality/price ratio.

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