the smash-like becomes THE game of the summer

Warner was strong on this one, MultiVersus is an international success and breaks many records.

Among the most popular multiplayer games we can easily count Super Smash Bros., Nintendo’s nugget that has become a reference in its own right. It goes without saying that there is no shortage of games of the same genre on the market, and smash-likes have recently welcomed a youngest one by the name of MultiVersus. Developed by the teams at Warner Brothers, the video game is a compendium of action and fun, all overhauled with licenses all better known than the next.

Superman, Scooby-Doo, Ralph or even Bugs Bunny, these are all characters that you can embody in the game, and this changes us drastically from Mario and his merry band. If for the moment the game is only available in open beta version, it is already a hit with combat fans and it shows, first on Steam with a record of concurrent players at 144,456.

But also on consoles since the title is available on PlayStation and Xbox. During a ranked match, one of the players noticed that he had been ranked at rank 4,929,968, which leads us to believe that MultiVersus has passed the milestone of 5 million users, or is very close to doing so. On this point, no official confirmation has been provided by Warner or the development studio in charge of the game.

The strength of the game is of course its characters

Of course, it’s one thing to attract players, it’s another to keep them. If for the moment business is going well for MultiVersus, the prospect of having new content keeps users in suspense. We already know that Morty is coming on August 9 and that other heroes are also on the way. Recently, leaks confirmed the upcoming arrival of highly anticipated characters, such as Harry Potter, the Joker, Daenerys or even Gizmo the gremlin.

It must be said that despite all these prestigious names, Warner still has plenty to do and this for years as the firm has so many successful licenses. It would therefore be a shame not to exploit them at their fair value. However, we will have to wait for official information before rejoicing, for the moment all this is to be taken with the tweezers of rigor.

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