the Sony console is back with a giga promo (100 pieces remaining) 🔥

It’s a huge surprise this Friday: the new PS5 is making a big comeback on the French market. The few units available can go in a matter of minutes. Take advantage of it quickly.

Since the release of the PS5, it is almost impossible to find the game console in stores or on the internet. It has been over a year since it was made official and one would expect Sony to be racking up some stock before it could sell the PlayStation 5 in droves. Faced with production problems and shortages, it is still very rare.

Today you have an opportunity to get the PS5. It is SFR which surprises by announcing the return of an offer which had been taken by storm during the last edition. For the classic PlayStation, it costs 149 euros and 8 euros per month for 24 months – or 341 euros in all. If you opt for the Digital Edition version, its price is 49 euros + 8 euros each month for 24 months – or 241 euros. The supplier also adds 2 DualSense controllers but in return it will be necessary to subscribe to an internet box.

To order the PS5 from SFR, it’s here:

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This offer on the PS5 is a nugget. SFR had already surprised a few weeks ago with an equivalent offer. It’s simple, the consoles were out of stock before the official end of the operation: it will be the same this time. As for the last time, we expect the so-called Standard version to go away in a few minutes while the digital version should last a few more hours.

To order the PS5 from SFR, you must choose the Internet box highlighted as part of this special SFR + Box offer. In the end, this is what explains why the video game console is offered at the ISP because you can fall for the PlayStation 5 while choosing a formula that ensures you a good Internet connection. In addition, you also have 100 euros of cancellation fees which are reimbursed with it.

How to buy the new PS5 from SFR?

As you can see, you have to choose an Internet box from SFR to be able to receive the PS5 at home within a few days. This is the supplier’s most comprehensive formula: the SFR Power offer. Its price is 32 euros per month for one year then 53 euros after this period. With this formula, you are guaranteed to have a good flow to make the most of the technical characteristics of the PlayStation 5. Even with this box, the stock of classic PS5 will go at full speed.

This SFR Power Internet box includes Fiber with high speed (1 Gb / s for downloading and 500 Mb / s for sending) as well as unlimited calls as well as 200 TV channels with a decoder compatible with 4K. In the end, it is a triple-play offer which includes internet connection, telephony and TV.

Buy PlayStation 5

Difficult to make a more complete offer on the market, you are sure to benefit from an excellent quality of network, whether it is to play the PS5 or to go on the web from your home in peace. This internet box comes with a 2-year commitment after which you are free to terminate at any time. By adding up the cost, it remains convincing.

It is also recalled that SFR can cover up to 100 euros in termination fees if you opt for this box in order to receive the PS5. It’s also a perk that gives you a smooth transition to your ISP, you don’t need to hand over the wallet.

The PS5, a console breaking everywhere (… or almost)

The PS5 is Sony’s last video game console, the brand lifted the veil on this new model at the end of 2020. Even if it has been official for a year, we do not find stock – or so rarely . The health situation has clearly weakened the production of the device so that many players are impatiently waiting for it without being able to get their hands on it.

Currently, SFR is the only one to offer a small stock on the PS5. If this special operation includes taking an Internet box, it should be noted that you cannot find the video game console anywhere else at the moment. Even the giants Amazon and Cdiscount cannot claim to have stock on this new model, the pages dedicated to the product inevitably remain accompanied by the mention “Product sold out” over the months.

As we have said, SFR has already lifted the veil on an equivalent operation with the PS5 a few weeks ago. Already at the time, he was the only one to offer the game console for sale. This is still the case today, which means that the situation will be the same. The base model was gone very quickly, because if the supplier has a little stock at the moment, it is also very limited and it will be taken by storm quickly.

If you want to buy a PS5 before the holiday season, whether it’s to treat yourself or put the game console under the tree, we can only advise you not to wait. The Sony brand itself apologized for its production problems, indicating that the situation was not going to be resolved before mid 2022. It may be the same until the year 2022 see later in due to semiconductor shortages and difficulties encountered by factories responsible for the game console. In short, you shouldn’t wait any longer before choosing the SFR offer.

To buy the PS5 now, it’s here:

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