the spin-off will take place near you!

Daryl’s spin-off explores new horizons, the zombie apocalypse arrives in our green lands.

Zombies, iconic characters… and croissants. The universe of The Walking Dead invests in new territories. While the series will soon come to an end, AMC is far from finished with the ghouls of Robert Kirkman. After fear the walking dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond, the American channel will be interested in a certain Daryl. The character played by Norman Reedus will thus be entitled to his derivative production.

If the details of the plot are for the time being kept secret, Scott Gimple gave some elements of context during a conference held on Sunday August 7th. While talking about the future of the license he is in charge of, he returned to the starting point of the spin-off. It will obviously be linked to the end of The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

In the series broadcast on Amazon Prime Video in France, the heroes discovered that a French laboratory had developed new zombies. Daryl will obviously follow in their footsteps, and will therefore go to France for the occasion. Good news for French fans, it will be an opportunity to discover our country in a new light. It’s also an opportunity for the creators to approach the zombie invasion and Daryl’s journey through a new prism.

“Daryl is like a fish out of water when he meets new people. In France, a country also affected by the apocalypse, it is quite different. He will have to reinvent himself, find himself and also probably no longer rub shoulders with the only people in the world with whom he is comfortable.

Beginning of hostilities very soon

Filming for this series is expected to begin in the coming months. The teams will thus land in Europe to explore the continent shortly. It is this relocation that prompted one of the actresses to resign. Melissa McBride, who was to be at the epicenter of the story, will ultimately not be on the trip. For now, the project has no official title. We know, however, that it is David Zabel, who will be writing.

Scott M. Gimple will obviously be invested in the creative process. As a reminder, it is he who is in charge of the franchise at AMC, and who ensures consistency between the different projects. As for who will play Norman Reedus, it’s hard to know at the moment. We can hope to cross paths with a few French actors. No other actor in the parent series has yet formalized his presence.

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