The Steam Deck (finally) has a release date

After months of waiting, it’s now official: Steam has unveiled the date on which the first copies of the Steam Deck, its supercharged portable console, will be shipped to the public. After being postponed for a few months, from the end of last year to the beginning of 2022, Valve’s bike is finally taking its date definitively.

See you from February 25

Finally, release date—shipping date, should we rather say. It will thus not be possible to find the Steam Deck in the windows of stores and other major distributors, the console having only been sold on the official Steam website. The lucky ones (understand those who had the fastest trigger when pre-orders opened) will receive a notification in their mailbox on February 25th. They will then have 3 days left to validate the reservation and see their precious sesame finally sent in good and due form. The post also specifies that press-only copies will be sent—and the embargo on early console testing lifted—that same day.

Steam thinks small

Steam recently unveiled the latest innovations introduced to its platform ahead of the release of the nomad. With the promise of almost complete compatibility with the Steam catalog, a label system has been put in place and will make it possible to differentiate the titles playable natively and those which will require some adjustment of options. Some games, including VR exclusives, will simply be incompatible with the Steam Deck. Finally, a brand new immediate backup synchronization system for the Steam Cloud will also be made available to developers who can then integrate it into their games. Note that Valve’s first-party titles will benefit from this immediately.

This isn’t the first time Steam has struggled with the console concept; we remember the failed experience of Steam Machines, computers running SteamOS produced in collaboration with several PC hardware manufacturers. But the Steam Deck is the first portable hardware for Gabe Newell’s firm—and with specs provided by AMD, it’s already one of the most powerful portable consoles in history.

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