The Steam Deck finally has an official release date

Valve has finally unveiled the release date for its Steam Deck, with first shipments scheduled for February.

He is expected as the messiah by PC gamers. The Steam Deck is officially only a few weeks away from its first deliveries, originally scheduled for December but pushed back to February. As the event is fast approaching, Valve finally decides to reveal the precise release date of the machine, half PC, half console.

Players in the first salvo of pre-orders won’t have to wait long since the Steam Deck should arrive in their possession from next February 28, in less than a month. In a press release, Valve also explains the procedure to follow to ensure that you receive your copy on time. Be careful, follow these instructions carefully because your order could pass under your nose!

Don’t miss the mark!

Valve explains that from February 25, a first salvo of emails will be sent to holders of the first reservations. By clicking on the link included in the email, players will be able to confirm their order by paying it in full. However, if this is not done after three days, then Valve will give up your place to the next person on the waiting list. So check your emails every day and do not neglect the spam box.

Deliveries will therefore begin three days after the emails are sent, i.e. February 28. This operation will be renewed each week, although Valve does not specify the number of orders processed per burst. The firm also specifies that only the model originally requested can be confirmed. You will therefore not be able to opt for a more powerful model along the way.

In terms of price, Valve intends to deduct the deposit paid when reserving the machine from its final price, and also indicates that transport costs will be directly included in the price of the Steam Deck. So you don’t have to worry about paying extra charges, no matter where you live. Now you just have to wait for your mini PC to arrive to get an idea of ​​the product’s performance.

Your favorite games in handheld mode

In the meantime, you can discover the first list of games compatible and optimized for the Steam Deck. This was unveiled only a few days ago and already a handful of titles seem not to be supported by the machine at all. Between now and its release, Valve should give more indications on this subject with a new wave of tests.

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