the subscription to learn the guitar is coming very soon

To learn the basics or dust off your talents, Rocksmith+ offers to play guitar and bass on console and PC.

Ubisoft does not give up its subscription Rocksmith+ which finally arrives after a delay of almost a year. Announced last year for a release in stride, this new service finally needed more work to offer an experience worthy of the name. Feedback from the closed beta of summer 2022 has made it possible to Rocksmith+ a title that will win over music lovers of all kinds.

Now, the start of the concert is official: it’s September 6th that guitarists and bassists can embark on this rhythm game acting as a musical coach. Rocksmith+ will be available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox as well as iOS and Android at a later date. With this new format, Ubisoft is clearly positioning itself as a competitor to sites and other applications allowing you to learn to play an instrument online. But concretely, what is Rocksmith+ ?

A unique gaming and learning platform

The method rocksmith had already proven itself with the first version of the game released in 2011. By mixing the gameplay of Guitar Hero with a real instrument, Ubisoft challenged itself to make learning guitar and bass accessible to everyone from a PC or console.. Fun and easy to learn, rocksmith it’s the guarantee of having fun with an instrument, even at a beginner’s level.

By switching from a classic game to a subscription service, rocksmith undeniably becomes more expensive but will offer much more content. With a library of more than 5000 musical titles and the possibility of creating your own arrangements of the pieces, the content will be consistent and updated regularly. The title will also be more precise in its detection of instruments, offering real-time feedback to progress even faster. To play, all you need is an instrument and an amp, an acoustic instrument, or the Rocksmith Real Tone cable or other similar audio interface.

It will cost 14.99€ for one month subscription, €39.99 for three months Where 99.99€ for one year. This subscription will guarantee access to many features and regularly renewed content.

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