the subscription with advertisements would arrive earlier than expected

While the competition is also preparing to launch a subscription with advertising at the end of the year, Netflix would have taken the decision to accelerate the release of its own formula to cut the grass under the foot of Disney +.


Netflix is ​​reportedly looking to bring forward the launch of its ad-supported pricing model to November, which would allow the broadcaster to take a head start on Disney+ when it launches its own subscription on December 8, according to multiple media reports and first reported by The Wall Street Journal.

This new subscription would therefore arrive on November 1 in several countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Germany. A launch in November would therefore allow Netflix to take about a month ahead of its main competitor.

Netflix could become as expensive as Disney+

A few days ago we learned that the subscription with Netflix ads will cost less than 10 euros per month, and more precisely, between 7 and 9 euros. This price would place it directly opposite the Disney + subscription which will arrive the following month at 7.99 dollars.

For this price, we remind you that you will therefore be entitled to advertising, but this would not be shown during new movies and children’s content. Subscribers will also have to do without one of the service’s most popular features: offline viewing. Anyway, Netflix is ​​still finalizing plans, so all this could change between now and the launch of this new subscription.

Netflix’s development of a lower-cost, ad-supported tier has received a lot of attention since the company announced its plan in April, followinga lackluster first quarter earnings report. ” We are only in the early days of making a decision on how to launch a lower, ad-supported pricing tier, and no decision has been made. So it’s just speculation at this point. said a Netflix spokesperson. We will therefore have to wait to find out if this one will really arrive in November or later.

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