The theory of self-simulation, a very edifying notion

Our whole universe is generated by a supercomputer : this is how we can define the theory of self-simulation. If we are to believe the latter, everything we see, experience and touch would therefore be fictitious. However, we will never have confirmation.

Started by Nick Bostrom, in 2003, the theory of self-simulation is now gaining more and more momentum. With the evolution of new technologies, it is indeed easier to envisage the reality of this model.

A fictional man-made world?

The basis of the self simulation theory is to envision that someone might one day be able to create a super computer capable of copying our world down to the smallest detail. If this is the case, we would have a completely virtual world which can still allow its inhabitants to keep their consciousness.

If we manage to envisage such a situation, who tells us that it hasn’t already happened? Which guarantees us that we are not in the fictional version of the world and not in a real reality as we have always believed?

The proof in video games?

Video games have been around for years. Since their beginning, we have seen them evolve, with in particular the characters, the monsters and the intelligences that bring your screens to life. Which is already a good clue about the ability of men to create a fictional universe through a simple computer.

The more the generations will evolve, the more this concept is likely to see the light of day.. The better the high-tech devices, the closer the fictional world will come.

This is not a new theory

Even though this theory has been widely democratized since 2003, you should know that it is not entirely new. She is inspired by a ancient philosophical thought which has also evolved. Originally, it would have been about a world created by a malevolent demon or one created from scratch in a person’s dream. Still, if this is really the case, we could not tell the difference.

You are allowed to believe it or not. For those who are not followers of this theory, the argument is simple: so far, there is no information as to the success of the creation of a supercomputer capable of creating such a simulation. When this is the case, we can ask ourselves questions, while keeping in mind that even in a simulated world, there will still have to be organic beings.


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