The title of the next expansion would have leaked

The fans of World of Warcraft are more alert than ever. There are only a little more than a dozen days left before the reveal official release of the next expansion for the famous MMORPG. On April 19, Blizzard will announce the first information on the new expansions to come for wowwhich will follow shadowlands released in November 2020. The expectation is palpable; but it could well be that the surprise was potentially spoiled by a few alert internet users…

A discovery in the source code of Blizzard’s official site would have leaked the title of the next expansion to come, and would give important information about the content to come.

Blizzard accidentally leaked World of Warcraft

For once, Blizzard can only blame itself: this leak was not carried out by a group of hackers, nor not insiders infiltrated in the offices of the development studio… But it is in the source code from the official site of World of Warcraft that Internet users have found a mention for the potential new expansion of the game.

As reported by the Wowhead site, the site’s source code, publicly viewable through a simple web browser, details several different editions coming to the game store for an extension called ” Dragonflight“. This would be the title of the next expansion to come for the MMORPG.

Dragonflight, or Draconic Flight in English, is a well-known term among fans of the game that refers to the different clans and families of Dragon in the unievrs of World of Warcraft. Five Flights are distinguished as being original in the lore of the game: the Red Flight, Blue Flight, Green Flight, Bronze Flight and Black Flight, each ruled by mighty dragons. Many other Dragonflights have also sprung up. But the vast majority of these dragons have disappeared in the current timeline of World of Warcraft, so much so even these beings are among the most powerful in the history of Azeroth. Will they make a comeback in the game’s next expansion? Answer in a few weeks.

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