the trailer for the series confirms it, the cult moments of the game are here!

On the occasion of The Last of Us Day, HBO has just unveiled this Monday, September 26, 2022 the very first official trailer for the series to come in 2023. This excerpt should certainly reassure fans, since we can see many cult moments from the game.

the last of us trailer
Credits: HBO

For the developers of Naughty Dog and for all fans of The Last of Us, this Monday, September 26, 2022 is not a Monday like any other. And no, in the universe shaped by Neil Druckman, September 26 is none other than the date when the Cordyceps infection struck humanity, triggering the end of the world as we know it.

And this year, HBO and the studio decided to celebrate the event by finally releasing the first official trailer for The Last of Us series. So far, we only had a short trailer for a thirty seconds to get your teeth into. But during the day, the social networks of HBO and Naughty Dog played with the nerves of the fans by broadcasting some evocative content.

HBO, for example, published its famous introduction by adding the characteristic noise of clickers, the iconic and terrifying creatures of The Last of Us. In other words, everything indicated that the trailer was going to be unveiled tonight.

So what’s the verdict of this trailer? Suffice to say that it promises a series rather faithful to the original work. We can see Ellie and Joel roaming America together, to find the trace of the Fireflies, this group of resistance fighters who would be able to create a vaccine for the virus thanks to the blood of the young girl.

In just under two minutes, the trailer shows some cult passages that players will easily recognize as the first day of the epidemic, exploration of the famous collapsed skyscrapers at the start of the gameor even this carefree moment on a carousel between Ellie and Riley which recalls a scene from the DLC Left Behind.

But The Last of Us is also about bloodthirsty beasts, and the trailer gives us a neat glimpse of what to expect. what will the clackers look like. Suffice to say, they look just as menacing and scary as they did in the original games. Remember that the series The Last of Us is expected on HBO in 2023, without further details for the moment.

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