the trailer with Jason Momoa in dreamland

After The Sandman, Netflix offers a new dreamlike film with “ Slumberland » (« Little Nemo and the world of dreams » in VF). On the menu: a crazy epic in the Kingdom of Dreams with a completely crazy Jason Momoa as guide. Discover the trailer !

Road trip to dreamland

Slumberland is an adaptation of Little Nemo in Slumberland, a comic strip dating from the 1900s. The comics tell the misadventures of little Nemo, six years old, in the kingdom of dreams, called Slumberland. In this upcoming Netflix film, we follow Nema, a young orphan who discovers a secret map leading to Slumberland. Helped by Flip, an eccentric outlaw, the intrepid heroine will do everything to get there and travel through dreams, in the hope of finding her deceased father.

The trailer promises a crazy epic in a phantasmagorical world, a world where all dreams come to life… but also nightmares. The trip will not be easy for Nema!

Jason Momoa plays Flip!

Slumberland features a Jason Momoa in top form. Exit however the roles of sexy hefty, the actor indeed lends his features to an eccentric character with a look all in pink and strange horns on the head. The result is not bad at all, Jason Momoa promises to be funny in Flip. At her side, little Nema is embodied by Marlow Barkley, a young shoot that we have already seen in the film “Spirited” and the series “Single Parents”. The duo is joined by Kyle Chandler in the role of Nema’s dad, but also Weruche Opia, India de Beaufort and Chris O’Dowd.

Little Nemo and the Dream World will be released on Netflix on November 18, 2022.

Official trailer of the movie Little Nemo and the Dreamworld (VF)

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