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the TV series will reveal the face of Master Chief, a first for the franchise

Paramount’s new Halo series will lift the lid on a 20-plus-year-old mystery. For the first time in franchise history, viewers will get to see the face of the armored protagonist, Master Chief.

It has been officially confirmed that Master Chief will remove his iconic helmet to reveal his face for the first time in the Halo television series, which will be broadcast on Canal+ from March 24. while waiting for the release of the new Paramount+ platform.

In an interview with IGN, Kiki Wolfkill, executive producer of the Halo television series and head of 343’s transmedia studio, confirmed that fans ” will see his face “. ” I think we decided to tell the story of a character and a personal story “, she said. ” And once we really got into what this story was about, it became clear that you really needed to see the person in the armor and under the helmet “.

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A 20-year-old mystery about to be dismantled

Since the first Halo title in 2001, games from Bungie and 343 Industries have refrained from revealing the face of the franchise’s protagonist. PreviouslyHalo players only got a glimpse of Master Chief’s eyes and the back of his headand only if you had completed Halo 4 on the hardest “Legendary” difficulty.

The producer, who is also a fan of video games, admitted that she was aware that it wasa moment that the studios had pushed back for 20 years. However, she maintains that this is an essential step for the audience to create a stronger connection with the character.

For those in the mood for spoilers, we already know which actor will play the armored colossus. This is Pablo Schreiber, which you may have already seen in American Gods or Orange is the New Black. Either way, the Halo series features characters that are quite different from their video game iterations. Cortana, in particular, has angered some fans due to her drastically different appearance in the trailer.

Source: IGN

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