Walkabout mini golf Labyrinth

The VR game Walkabout Mini Golf will have a new level based on the cult movie Labyrinth (1986)

The excellent VR game Walkabout Mini Golfwhich as its name suggests is an armored mini-golf game of unusual levels, will welcome a brand new level (36 holes!) inspired by the cult film Labyrinth. Made in 1986 by Jim Henson (Dark Crystal), Labyrinth is a fantasy film that tells the story of Sarah (Jennifer Connelly), a young woman who sets out to find her brother Tobby in an imaginary world ruled by the powerful goblin king, Jareth (David Bowie).

Labyrinth Mini Golf Walkabout


The Mighty Coconut studio has confirmed a partnership with the Jim Henson Company which should therefore lead to a huge Labyrinth add-on (36 holes) available during the summer of 2022. This new level will undoubtedly be paid for, like the latest DLCs Gardens of Babylon, Shangri-La, and Sweetopia. Walkabout Mini Golf is available on Meta Quest and PCVR.

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