the web version changes its look, makes way for Material You

Gmail’s web interface is slowly getting a new look starting today. As a reminder, Google’s messaging system integrates Material You. This new skin comes today to offer some new features to the web interface of the Google messaging, without revolutionizing the formula.


Earlier this year, Gmail’s web interface received a major refresh. Google has changed the look and layout of its interface to allow its users to switch more easily between the inbox, instant messaging Chat or even Meet meetings. All without having to juggle between tabs or windows.

This system for quickly switching between applications – from the same page – has greatly facilitated the lives of Gmail users who, for example, wanted to successively switch from an important email to a meeting. This breath of fresh air has affected most users of Google’s messaging service and the American company recently announced a new update to its Material You skin.

A simple tweak to buttons, icons, and colors rather than a drastic overhaul

The novelties are not that phenomenal and essentially concern a redesign
colors and shape of the interface. For example, read emails are displayed in blue while unread emails remain in white. Just like the buttons and sidebars which have touches of blue in this new skin.

Finally, Google has also decided to group the Chat, Meet and Spaces applications into a new panel on the left. The shortcuts to its services being for the occasion much more optimized, which will allow professionals, in particular, to save time when they have to join a meeting by videoconference.

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This new look will be rolling out to Gmail users by default in the coming days. Google has clarified that this is a staged rollout and it may take you several days for your interface to change on its own. Already have it? Do not hesitate to share your opinion on this new look in the comments!

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