The Wolf Among Us 2: the (improbable) sequel to the Telltale Games game is revealed in a first trailer

Brilliantly inspired by Fables comics, The Wolf Among Us is arguably the most beautiful game ever released by the studio Telltale with of course their masterpiece The Walking Dead (the first opus, the following ones are much less good unfortunately). After the bankruptcy of the studio, it seemed clear that we would never see the end of the adventures of Bigby Wolf in the city of Fabletown, but Fortunately for the passionate gamers that we are, some stories have a happy ending: Telltale Games has been bought by LCG Entertainment Group in August 2009, and The Wolf Among Us 2 returned to the project table.

The first trailer of The Wolf Among Us 2 has just been unveiled a few minutes ago, and we find with undisguised pleasure the thriller atmosphere and the graphic style so close to the Comics. Other very good news, Telltale confirms that it has left aside its very aging “in-house” rendering engine to switch to the Unreal Engine. Joy ! Finally, and once is not custom concerning Telltale, The Wolf Among Us 2 will not be offered in episodic format. In other words, the player will be able to enjoy the entire day one adventure, without waiting for the sequel several months later in multiple episodes. The Wolf Among Us 2 will be available in 2023 on PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox Series One, and Xbox Series X.

And as a bonus, some (very) beautiful screenshots:

The Wolf Among Us 2 1024x486

The Wolf Among Us 2 2 1024x576

The Wolf Among Us 2 1 728x1024

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