The world’s largest nuclear fusion reactor is made in France, and work is progressing

The general public probably does not know it, but the construction of the largest nuclear fusion reactor in the world is happening in France. The Vinci company has indeed confirmed that it has completed the first phase of the work, ie the construction of the buildings that will house the reactor. Located in the south of France, this fusion reactor is the result of cooperation between 35 countries, a monumental project called Iter. The work started 9 years ago, and one of the most important stages has therefore just come to an end. From now on, specialists believe that the Iter reactor will be able to be fully functional by 2025.


On paper, Iter would be able to go beyond the results of plasma reactors (fusion) developed in particular in China. Three years ago, one of these reactors managed to keep a superheated plasma for 102 seconds, a record), and more recently another reactor reached the heat of 100 million degrees Celsius. Much larger (73 meters high) than existing fusion reactors, Iter will eventually be able to generate plasma flows 10 times denser than the plasmas obtained so far.

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