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The Xbox app now tells you if a game can run on your PC

Are you tired of carrying hundreds of GB of downloads and installations for nothing? Microsoft has thought of you.

Microsoft has just had a little attention that will probably please players who do not have a very last generation machine; the Xbox application on PC will soon allow you to directly estimate the performance of a title on your machine, without having to play guessing games based on the recommended configuration.

To do this, simply consult a small label that is difficult to miss, since it is located directly below the “installation” button.

A godsend for those who practice their passion on a slightly more modest computer; in this case, it often happens to download a sometimes very heavy game to realize hours later that the machine is simply not muscular enough to run the title in question. A dead waste of time which does not help the frustration.

Note that not all titles will necessarily be entitled to these recommendations, at least not initially. Because to formulate this estimate, the Xbox app is based on the performance of the game with other players who have PCs with a relatively similar configuration. This should especially affect the most recent games. But for the most popular, this score should still be available fairly quickly.

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Not a guarantee, but a good approximation

This system is unmistakably similar to that of CanYouRunIt (CYRI), a famous online service that promises exactly the same thing as the new function of the Xbox application. However, CYRI is not really known for its reliability.

This is a relatively loose estimate, since the system simply compares the system specifications point by point to the recommended configuration. This means that it does not take into account in any way the degree of optimization of the game, nor the way the system was put together. The proposed results are therefore very approximate at best. And there’s a good chance that’s also the case for the new Xbox app feature.

On the other hand, it still has the merit of giving at least a vague idea of ​​the performance that can be expected from a title. At worst, this new feature will therefore not hurt, and at best, it will allow neophytes who have trouble deciphering the recommended configurations to see a little more clearly.

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