The Xbox app will now tell you if your PC is powerful enough for certain games

Tired of downloading games from tens of GB before realizing that your PC is not powerful enough? Microsoft has got you covered.

Minimum configuration, recommended configuration… These two signs which once appeared on video game boxes and today on product pages have always had a rather questionable use. This is especially true for users who are less comfortable with the often indigestible nomenclature of PC hardware. But Microsoft seems to have found the solution to let players know what to expect.

Instead of being satisfied with textual information which is sometimes obscure for the uninitiated, Microsoft will go through an ally already well installed on many machines: the Xbox application. On the product pages of some games, Microsoft will soon display a small box. This should inform players about the level of playability of a title with their current hardware.

A welcome initiative that could be a good alternative to third parties like CanIRunIt. Because for very heavy and demanding games like the recent one Forza Horizon 5, this will make it possible to check in advance if the machine is muscular enough before wasting hours to download the 102 GB of the title. However, we have no idea what the final verdict is based on. Is this just the minimum configuration? As it stands, the mystery remains unsolved.

Limited to Insiders on a handful of titles

Note that this feature is first being tested for a limited number of games. Not all players will be eligible for this test either. This will require being part of the Xbox Insider program. Much like Windows Insider, this program allows more advanced users to test new features before anyone else, provided they deal with any bugs.

To do this, simply go to this page to download Xbox Insider Hub app. Once installed, you will need to navigate to the settings and check the corresponding option. And now, voila; this information should now appear on the product page of the affected games.

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