The Xbox gets a makeover for the greatest pleasure of the players

Xbox Insiders will be able to discover their console in a new light this week with a change that everyone was waiting for.

The user experience on Xbox will be sublimated in a long awaited update. The main flaw of the Microsoft console was in the lack of clarity of its interface. An overhaul of this has been the most requested change by players for some time now, and Xbox teams have finally listened to feedback from its community.

These new menus aim to provide a “more personalized experienceto suit everyone’s needs. The first version of the redesigned interface will be offered to certain members of the Xbox Insiders program this week. The lucky winners will be randomly selected, and only a handful of players will have access to them at first. To register for this program, nothing could be simpler: just follow the detailed procedure on the official website.

An easier to use console

In order to provide the best possible experience, Xbox will test many different models in the coming months before propose a final version of the interface in 2023. Xbox Insiders will therefore be able to find different “layouts, design and change of accessibility”. The first draft has already been shared and shows the efforts made in terms of clarity and simplification.

Credits: Xbox

You can discover a tab “jump back in“providing players with the ability to access recently launched apps and games (note also the pleasant reference to Xbox’s old slogan “jump-in”). Lots of shortcuts to essential features like settings, game library, and settings are also placed in the main menu. This will therefore avoid going back and forth in the Xbox button menu.

Game Pass content is also displayed on the homepage, allowing subscribers to stay up to date with new releases and games leaving the service soon. The objective is to offerconsistent design and visual identifiers with updated layouts to maintain a familiar experience”, explains Ivy Krislov, product manager at Xbox, in a blog post. The changes will therefore be numerous and will come to test new functionalities for ever more comfort. So happy ?

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