The Xbox Series S gets its first collector’s edition

Microsoft unveils an Xbox Series S in the colors of the Lunar New Year, the first collector’s edition of the console.

After their release a little over a year ago, the Xbox Series X/S consoles haven’t been treated to many fancy editions. The Xbox Series X, however, offered a version in the colors of Halo, for the 20th anniversary of the franchise, at the end of last year. It is now the turn of the Series S, its little sister, to receive its first colored version, which usually sports a very sober white look.

Lunar New Year in the spotlight

It is on the occasion of the Lunar New Year that Microsoft unveils its console dressed in red, black and gold. This year, the tiger is in the spotlight, Microsoft has therefore taken care to affix drawings of the animal on the console and the granted controller. These were designed by the Chinese artist Bu2ma in a style that resembles traditional Chinese ink paintings.

There are also a few trees, as well as Chinese characters that have not been translated by the firm, except for the one at the back of the controller and above the console (虎) which means “tiger”. Additionally, Microsoft clarifies that, if the console is ” Inspired by the traditional Lunar New Year colors of red and gold, the custom design represents well-being and fortune, offering goodwill to all players. »

In a press release, Microsoft explains why the firm chose this theme for a collector’s edition console. She says: ” According to traditional Chinese culture, people born in the Year of the Tiger are strong and confident, two characteristics shared by the Xbox family. Like the tiger, the Xbox team is committed to bringing the joy of gaming to everyone on the planet. »

Only available in China

This first collector’s edition for the Xbox Series S will however be available in very small quantities, and at the other end of the world exclusively. Indeed, Microsoft wants to win this console for Chinese players in a contest. The firm explains that the Xbox fans in China will have the opportunity to win the pack by participating in the official lottery on Wechat and bilibili, starting January 25 at 12 p.m. Chinese time. “There is therefore no chance for residents in France to win it.

You can therefore fall back on a traditional console, the Xbox Series S being more and more available for sale unlike their big sister the Xbox Series X. The latter is still subject to the shortage of components which affects the entire system. tech industry.

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