Rendu 3D Xiaomi 12

The Xiaomi 12 abandons its dual screen but teases an XXL camera

Too bad for those who hoped, however, we will not find an extra screen on the back.

With its ambitious Mi 11, the new Chinese giant Xiaomi continues to prove to the West that it no longer plays among beginners. Initially known for its very aggressive flagship killers, the company now shines on high-end terminals. A situation that promises to be perpetuated with the imminent release of the Xiaomi 12, scheduled for the end of the year.

Expected in just a few weeks, the Xiaomi 12 still keeps some secrets on its final design, and in particular on the presence – or not – of an additional screen on the back of the smartphone, supposedly intended to display notifications. After some leaks, and a lot of rumors, it’s now the turn of the Finnish leaker @ rodent950 to unveil a photo of what looks like a protective cover for the Xiaomi 12.

Relayed by the site Lets Go Digital, who then took charge of making 3D renderings of the product, this final leak contradicts some rumors about the brand’s flagship.

No dual screen, but a big sensor

If the exact configuration of the Xiaomi 12 remains unknown, we can already imagine that its photo sensor will take up space, many places. On the 3D renderings, we discover a rectangular outgrowth which occupies the entire upper part of the smartphone, and over which is enthroned another platform, this time round. Four cameras are logically expected if we are to believe the unveiled shell, which suggests one more sensor than on the Xiaomi 11.

Regarding the technical details of these devices, previous rumors already mentioned the presence of a 50 Mpx sensor, which will surely take the form of the new Samsung ISOCell GN5. A logical choice on the part of Xiaomi, since this new module is the direct successor to the ISOCell GN2, already used on the Mi 11 Ultra.

Regarding the rest of the cameras, we finally expect a trio of 48 Mpx cameras with ultra wide angle and periscope telephoto zoom. In line with the Mi 11 Ultra, the latter could carry a 5x optical zoom, a 10x hybrid zoom and a 120x digital zoom. To the right of the fourth camera, a still unknown sensor could manage the color temperature. Several other sensors will take care of the autofocus, the management of the depth of field, and the flash. Finally, a visible microphone already promises to improve sound capture when shooting video, which could logically support 8K.

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