The Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34″ screen is at an unprecedented price!

Immerse yourself in the most beautiful video games of the moment thanks to this promotion on Xiaomi’s 34-inch gaming monitor in strong promotion at Geekbuying!

Over time, the need for peripherals is felt, in particular to take full advantage of the graphics of new video games. But that’s not all, more and more people need larger screens especially for streaming, to put a discord chat next, and for a multitude of other reasons. In short, wide screens are increasingly popular with gamers. If you are looking for this type of screen, this good plan is really made for you. Xiaomi’s 34-inch gaming monitor is on sale on Geekbuying for €325 instead of €500 using code NNNFRBEXIAOMI. Fast, free delivery and VAT included.

Take advantage of the offer on Geekbuying

Xiaomi takes on the gaming world with this 21:9 screen

Xiaomi is a young manufacturer of PC screens, although it has been present in the smartphone market for a long time. The manufacturer already has a very good range of PC screens and this 21:9 34-inch screen specially designed for gaming is one of them.

The Chinese manufacturer has equipped its PC gaming screen with an LCD panel with a definition of 3,440 × 1,440 pixels with a refresh rate of 144 Hz. With such a fluidity rate and such a definition, the gaming experience will be sublimated all the more so as many technologies will accompany this panel.

Indeed, Xiaomi has integrated AMD FreeSync technology to prevent textures from tearing due to fast video games such as racing games for example. In addition to that, this technology automatically synchronizes the refresh rate allowed by the screen with the number of frames per second of the video game.

In short, this Xiaomi PC gaming screen will be perfect for improving your current setup, especially since it has technology that eliminates blue light for better preservation of visual acuity. Find Xiaomi’s 34-inch 21:9 screen on sale on Geekbuying for €325 instead of €500 using the code NNNFRBEXIAOMI. Fast, free delivery and VAT included.

Take advantage of the offer on Geekbuying

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