La terre au cœur d'un réseau informatique

There’s only one last step left before Earth becomes a smart planet

According to a new study, if they reach a certain level, the planets can be called intelligent. According to this same study, the Earth would not have yet reached the necessary criteria for us to be able to say that it is endowed with a planetary intelligence. Indeed, even if men are intelligent beings, the authors of the study felt that this was not enough to affirm that our planet is too.

This study was carried out by a group of astrophysicists. The latter suggested that an intelligent planet was a planet capable ofidentify problems and take action to solve them. They thus declared that the Earth was not yet an intelligent planet, because for that it still had to find a balance between its technology and the health of its nature.

Still according to these astrophysicists, to pass from its current stage to a stage of planetary intelligence, the Earth would still have various obstacles to overcome. And in this process, the human would have a capital place, this one being the main actor on earth.

By what process could the Earth become an intelligent planet?

For scientists, a planetary intelligence implies a perfect synergy between all the living beings inhabiting the planet in question. And to achieve this planetary intelligence, two important steps are to be completed. The first is to move from an immature biosphere to a mature biosphere and the second, from an immature technosphere to a mature technosphere.

The Earth has already passed the first stage. Indeed, the first forms of life on Earth were microbes, inactive beings, and carbon essentially made up our atmosphere. But over time, these life forms gave rise to oxygen. They have thus triggered a positive change in the chemical composition of the atmosphere, making the habitable planet.

The step that the Earth must take to become intelligent is thus the passage from a state of immature technosphere to that of a mature technosphere. Indeed, with evolution, men developed first archaic technologies, then advanced ones. Unfortunately, the more these technologies have developed, the less they have taken into consideration saving and protecting the environment. For the earth to be considered an intelligent planet, it remains for humanity to develop technologies that do not harm the planet.

How to move to a mature technosphere?

For the time being, scientists have no no idea how to create a positive Technology-Nature relationship over the long term. However, this does not mean that the probability of doing so is zero. In the past, in 1987, failing to find a perfect solution, countries all over the world still prohibits the use of chemical compounds can affect the ozone layer.

Such actions could potentially allow Earth to more easily reach planetary intelligence. Indeed, the men populating it are smart enough to realize the enormous danger they run if they do not find a solution to their biggest problems.


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