thermostat, cameras and weather station are at knockdown prices

Netatmo is a great French specialist in home automation. Bought by Legrand in 2018, it continued to expand its range with excellent products. Thermostats, weather station (and accessories) and other cameras are at a reduced price for Black Friday.

If you are familiar with Netatmo products, you probably know that French very rarely gives discounts. As soon as a flash sale arises, you have to know how to react tit for tat. This is currently the case for Black Friday with the entire range of Netatmo which sees its price drop. The excellent thermostat connected by Philippe Stark, the weather station or surveillance cameras are available at low prices.

Above we have listed some of the flagship products of the Netatmo brand. However, there are many others that are on sale for Black Friday: the video doorbell, thermostatic heads, smoke detector or even indoor sirens are at a reduced price. Again, it is Amazon that has the exclusivity on all of these products.

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Netatmo king of thermostats

Netatmo is a French Tech success. After making itself known with its connected products, it was acquired Legrand. In the group, she is now a driving force in the development of connected products, and keeps references under her brand. Its thermostat, designed by Philippe Starck, is its greatest success, and its iconic product.

It allows you to better manage the temperature of your home thanks to its Wi-Fi connection from the application available on PC, Mac, tablet, iOS and Android. You can create automations, but also control the rooms in your home by voice with Siri or Google Assistant.

Above all, the Netatmo thermostat allows you to save up to 25% on your energy, which is not negligible. To achieve this, all the intelligence of the brand is put to use so that the thermostat adapts to your consumption, in the most efficient way possible. You can either create a heating schedule yourself, or let the Auto-Adapt be managed. This increases or decreases the temperature depending on your sensors.

The thermostat is not the only connected product discounted on Amazon by Netatmo. In particular, we find indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, but also weather stations and their various sensors. It was also the brand’s first product, and it sold like hot cakes. In addition to providing the weather forecast, it measures the temperature inside and the level of pollution. The sensors can provide details on humidity or rain.

Crazy Black Friday at Amazon

In 2021, Amazon continues the momentum of 2019 and 2020, renewing its discounts on Netatmo products. Rarely on sale, they are often the stars of this event at the leader of ecommerce in France. This is the perfect time to equip yourself or complete your existing installation.

During the transaction Amazon even extended the withdrawal period so that you can buy with peace of mind. If the Netatmo product purchased on Black Friday does not suit you, you can return it until January 31. If so, you will be fully refunded and Amazon pays the cost of the return.

If you are conquered by these Netatmo Black Friday discounts, consider hurrying to avoid out of stock. At such a price, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it. To see all the deals on Netatmo products, it’s here:

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