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The Black Friday festival is in full swing. This Wednesday again, there is a new series of nuggets that have been unveiled. We made a list with the must-haves on Amazon, AliExpress, Cdiscount and others.

Over the years, we have understood one thing: Black Friday at Amazon is a long-term exercise. Indeed, the American merchant has already started its operation on Monday. From that date until November 26, he will multiply flash sales every day. Other market players such as Cdiscount or AliExpress are not left out. Here is an aggregate of all the offers for this Wednesday.

For Singles Day (November 11), below are the offers that will be available. You must “add to cart” before that date and validate your order on November 11 at 9:00 am sharp. The associated codes assure you a strong discount in addition. The final prices will be posted at 9:00 a.m.

  • Roborock S7 at 409 € instead of 549 € (11AE60)
  • Roborock S5 Max at 304 € instead of 560 € (11AE45)
  • Roborock Dyad at 349 € instead of 449 €
  • Dreame T30 at 280 € instead of 459 € (11AE45)
  • Mi Pad 5 at € 299 instead of € 499 (FRBON50)
  • AirPods 2 at 99 € instead of 179 € (FRBON30)
  • AirPods Pro at 160 € instead of 279 € (FRAPPLE40)
  • Redmi Note 10 Pro at 239 € instead of 299 € (11AE30)
  • Realme GT Master Edition at 244 € instead of 399 € (FRRE45)
  • Poco X3 Pro at 169 € instead of 299 € (11AE30)
  • OnePlus Nord 2 at € 314 instead of € 399 (11AE45)
  • OnePlus 8T 256 GB at 349 € instead of 699 € (FRBON80)
  • OnePlus 9 256 GB at 389 € instead of 819 € (11AE60)
  • Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro at 128 € instead of 299 € (FRBON30)
  • Xiaomi 3H air purifier at 91 € instead of 149 € (FRMI40)
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    Rummaging for Black Friday on Amazon, Cdiscount, or AliExpress can take hours. Indeed, each of these large merchants displays thousands of good deals across dozens of themes. It is easy to get lost and we tend to give up faster than expected. The reality is that Black Friday is the biggest event of the year in France and the quality of the offers is clearly up to par.

    If the French are gradually abandoning the sales in favor of Black Friday, it is for several reasons. Amazon and its counterparts have made it a high-end operation with great brands seeing their prices drop. We are far from the massive destocking of less popular brands such as during sales. It’s much more premium and worth it.

    Black Friday dominated by Amazon

    Black Friday is an American concept that has largely developed in France thanks to the presence of the (American) merchant Amazon. The latter has implemented codes that are now followed by all local e-merchants. Cdiscount, Fnac or Boulanger also have attractive premium offers throughout the duration.

    For a long time, Black Friday only lasted one day: the last Friday of the month, right after Thanksgiving Thursday. In recent years, this period has been extended to last almost a full month. Meanwhile, the Single Day of the leader AliExpress (and Alibaba) has entered the calendar.

    The Single Day takes place tomorrow, November 11, 2021 from 9:00 a.m. sharp. Time is extremely important because AliExpress tracks first-hour revenue very closely. To boost the latter, he carried out a teasing for 10 days even before this event: we can see all the discounts that will be posted on November 11 at 9 am.

    Unlike Black Friday, Single Day relies heavily on this upstream craze. The Asian merchant encourages people to fill their cart before the time to be as quick as 9:00 am, when starting. The prices being so attractive (much more than an Amazon for example), it works very well. At that time, discounts and special codes are all active.

    To discover Black Friday on Amazon, it’s here:

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    The best merchants in November

    In France, Black Friday has become commonplace. If e-commerce plays the card to the full, a majority of volumes are still generated in stores. For the electronic part, however, the best offers can be found on the web. Standardized products are the specialty of large online merchants. They are able to reduce the prices as much as possible for their customers.

    As you can see from our list above of Black Friday deals from Amazon et al., The bulk of the deals are tech. However, you really have to take a look at each of the e-commerce sites to see the themes. Amazon or Cdiscount are very general players and you can therefore bet on them for all your needs.

    For Single Day, this alternative to Black Friday which is held on November 11, is also an important moment. In the world, it is also the biggest day in terms of turnover. In France, this is developing. Since November 11 is a holiday every year, the general public is very attentive to this operation. About a month away from Christmas, it’s a good time to take advantage of it.

    This year, there is a real constraint that people don’t really think about: the shortage of stock. Due to strong pressure in the semiconductor market, many industries have production problems. For example, Renault cannot produce enough vehicles. For its part, Apple would find it difficult to maintain the pace of production of the iPhone 13. In short, everyone is affected. So you have to do your shopping in advance.

    Our little tips for managing the operation

    One thing is certain, this Black Friday 2021 will be a bit special. The merchants decided to take the lead to facilitate shopping for the French for Christmas. Indeed, not everyone likes to wait until the big day of Black Friday to make big savings. Amazon has therefore decided to start this Monday and publish offers every day until the end of the month.

    Should we rush to the offers before Black Friday? The answer is yes. The stocks are very low and it can go away at any time. When stocks are empty, it is no longer possible to profit from the products. For example, the Galaxy S21 on the official Samsung store are almost sold out. It is certain that not everyone will be able to enjoy it at Christmas.

    In any case, you should know that the merchants offer you at least 14 days to change your mind after receiving your package. For this Black Friday, the Amazon site goes even further since it allows purchases to be made until January 31, 2022. You can therefore offer them and then return them if the recipient does not want them. This will prevent you from having to resell it on resale sites.

    To do Black Friday, it’s here:

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