These Android apps are dangerous, they must be removed urgently

These Android apps are dangerous, they must be removed urgently

Once again, Android users should be very wary, including when downloading apps from the Play Store. Unfortunately, the Google store lets malicious applications through that seek to extract confidential information or display unwanted advertising.

Google may have security mechanisms in place to review apps submitted to the Play Store, but too many malicious apps still fall through the cracks. And some of them are heavily downloaded as Dr Web’s security experts have discovered.

Millions of downloads

This is for example the case of Wild & Exotic Animal Wallpaper, which has been downloaded more than a million times. After installation, this app changes its name and icon to deceive user monitoring and displays advertisements on the smartphone’s home screen. Same principle for Magnifier Flashlight, which also tries to become invisible to better flood the user with ads.

PIP Pic Camera Photo Editor, PIP Camera 2022, Camera Photo Editor, Light Exposure Photo Editor and ZodiHoroscope, which have accumulated millions of downloads, will steal their victims’ Facebook login information. Traffic in good shape, which makes it possible to organize phishing operations.

Recovery, Driving Real Race and an app for Russian users Компенсация НДС contain Trojans to get unwanted subscriptions. Of course, Dr Web urgently recommends deleting these applications if you accidentally downloaded them (given the number of copies distributed, they must have already done a lot of damage).

Google is usually on guard and quickly removes such malicious applications as soon as the search engine becomes aware of them. But some of them were still available on the Play Store mid-week…

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