These famous actors star in Grand Theft Auto

We no longer present Grand Theft Auto, Where GTA for the close friends. A video game franchise sold by millions of copies and developed by Rockstar. We owe him many cult episodes as players eagerly await GTA 6. In the meantime, the community of GTA III, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas in a (maligned) remaster called GTA: The Trilogy.

Three games in which several famous actors appear, lending their voices to characters major! Take a look back at these stars that you may not have recognized.

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It’s hard to miss Samuel L. Jackson. The actor appears in pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino and has played Nick Fury in Marvel productions for the past ten years. And the latter plays Tenpenny, a corrupt Los Santos police officer in GTA San Andreas. The man leads a sort of gang and takes advantage of his authority to do dirty things! Samuel L. Jackson embodies it to perfection.

In GTA: Vice City and Vice city stories, Umbert Robina leads the Los Cabrones. A powerful ally of the heroes of the game, Tommy Vercetti and Victor Vance. But did you know that the character is voiced for Danny Trejo? The comedian is known for his role as Machete in the eponymous film by Robert Rodriguez, director of The Book of Boba Fett.

Joe Lo Truglio hits the mark in Brooklyn nine-nine as Charles Boyle, a very silly policeman. But the actor can also play villains like Vincenzo Cilli in GTA: Liberty City Stories. A villain appearing halfway through the game and a member of the Leone family.

Donald Love is played by several actors but in GTA III, Kyle MacLachlan lends him his voice. An actor who has appeared in several films by the illustrious David Lynch and in particular Twin peaks, his acclaimed famous series. The man appears in various programs like How I Met Your Mother Where Desperate Housewives.

And to finish: Ray Liotta, famous face of cinema. The best known of his roles remains that of Henry Hill in The Freedmen by Martin Scorsese, an immense masterpiece of the Seventh Art. And the actor lends his voice to Tommy Vercetti, main character of GTA: Vice City ! He is considered one of the best characters by fans.

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