These great developers who are getting into the world of podcasts

Players who dreamed of masterclasses and other conferences by these big names in the industry will be delighted.

The secrets and genius of your favorite developers will soon be available in your earphones thanks to new series of dedicated podcasts and videos. The advent of these formats allows big names in the industry to share their knowledge and connect with their community.. A real bargain for players in search of discoveries. And beware, it’s not just any developers who are going to come and whisper their thoughts to you…

Metal Gear Podcast

Like he usually does, Hideo Kojima dropped by a Geoff Keighley event to talk a bit about him and his plans. It was therefore during the Gamescom opening ceremony that the developer made a short appearance to make a special announcement. No stunning new game this time around but a new podcast aimed at international audiences (provided you speak English). This is not Kojima’s first try, since he has had his own Japanese podcast since last February.

If your level in the Japanese language is sufficient, it is possible to listen to the program Radioverse on the Japanese version of Amazon Audio. In the West, it is on the side of Spotify that this exclusive podcast entitled Brain Structure will come to arrive. Special guests will come and chat with Kojima about “deep topics related to video games and movies that cannot be heard elsewhere.” The developer therefore seems confident of the interest of his project and the knowledge that it will be able to bring to the listeners. The first episode will be available on September 8..

super smash youtube

Fans of fighting games and more specifically of the franchise Super Smash Bros. all know Masahiro Sakurai. Also known as Kirby’s dad, this big name from HAL Laboratory and Nintendo will also reveal his secrets, but through a YouTube channel. After sharing screenshots of Smash Bros Ultimate for several years and livening up streams of presentations of new fighters, Sakurai embarks on a new adventure.

His talent as a presenter won him praise from fans, spurring him to create Masahiro Sakurai on Creating Games. As the name suggests, his own show aims to showcase his expertise in game creation. He also plans to show exclusive images of the development of some of these games, with permission from Nintendo. The Kyoto firm is not invested in the project, but Sakurai does things well, making sure to respect the confidentiality of the studio.

If you’re a fan of anecdotes of all kinds and want to go behind the scenes of the creation of your favorite video game content, you might as well be in for a treat! Head over to Spotify or YouTube to follow these two promising shows.

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