Le rover Perseverance qui déploie ses équipements.

These NASA photos show human waste on the surface of Mars, info or hoaxes?

the Perseverance rover recently took unusual shots which attracted the attention of scientists. Indeed, it seems that the moving robot has spotted human waste on the surface of the red planet. Remember that this rover made by NASA landed on February 18, 2021 inside a huge crater called Jezero impact which is supposed to keep traces of lives.

Astronomers believe that this crater has sheltered a permanent lake with river deltas there are about 3.6 billion years old. Since it landed last year, the craft then applied to roam this landscape dusty and rocky looking for a ancient form of life.

The researchers were surprised to find the presence of this human space junk inside this crater.

Perseverance left trash on the surface of Mars

Researchers working on Perseverance have shared photos on Twitter showing what appears to be a thermal blanket. They found that it is the same type of coating that they use for protect the rover extreme temperatures at the time of landing.

The Perseverance rover deploying its equipment.

They were then surprised to find this waste near the rover because the craft landed 2 km away. The question arises as to how this piece of trash did he get inside the crater. A first probable explanation is that the martian wind would have won.

A risk of human contamination of space objects

It is true that the Perseverance rover left other waste on the surface of Mars. In April 2022, a helicopter was able to photograph its landing gear. This space debris is a growing concern for space agencies.

Photo of the Perseverance landing gear on the surface of Mars
source: generationnouvelle.net

Indeed, the main mission of Perseverance is to search for signs of microbial life Ancient in Jezero Crater. However, the presence of this space debris constitutes a contamination risk important. In any case, Ian Clark one of Perseverance’s system engineers remains confident on the mission and confirms their desire to bring back martian samples on earth.


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