These speedrunners set a new record!

We no longer stop the speedrunners on Metroid Dread, who now finish the game from start to finish in less than 90 minutes, a record!

Released on October 8 for Nintendo Switch, Metroid Dread is the latest entry in the Metroid franchise. Since its launch, the title has made a place for itself in the hearts of players, and some already consider this opus as the best game Metroid all time. Between action, horizontal scrolling, and 2D graphics, Metroid Dread brings together the best of the old to create an explosive new title.

And like all of its predecessors before it, the game is particularly adored by speedrunners. This activity, which consists in completing the game from start to finish as quickly as possible, is indeed a competition generally organized on linear titles such as Metroid Dread. If it is an area of ​​particularly tough competition, some regulars sometimes manage to work miracles.

The competition promises to be tough

On the site, which lists almost all the world’s speedruns across a whole bunch of games, displays the full list of the top competitors on Metroid Dread. In the standings, we can see that the first 8 players managed to finish the game from start to finish in less than 90 minutes, or an hour and a half. The player in first place currently holds the record of 1 hour and 25 minutes.

This record was set two days ago and the full speedrun video is available on Youtube. Of course, in addition to the actual playing time there are loading times and cutscenes, which can waste a considerable amount of time in poor game conditions. As in the video below, seasoned speedrunners also use a lot of tricks. and glitch to achieve impressive results

Metroid Dread comes to Tetris

But the success of Metroid Dread not only measured at speedruns. Indeed, the title will also be entitled to a special Grand Prix in Tetris 99, like other popular games before it. The last games highlighted by the retro battle royale were WarioWare: Get it Together! and Monster Hunter Rise, after Mario Golf Super Rush or Luigi’s Mansion 3.

As with the other Grands Prix, a special theme bearing the image of Samus Aran and the robot EMMI will be involved, and it will be necessary to earn more than 100 points within a given time to unlock it definitively. The competition will take place from October 29 to November 2.

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