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These three VPNs get ahead of Black Friday

Want to stay safe online? Do it right and at a low price with these three crazy VPN deals.

Are you worried about your safety on the net? Do you use the Internet more than usual or do you want to unblock foreign content? So, you need a VPN. Indeed, this software has been designed to protect you from the risks inherent in the use of the Internet and connected applications, by covering your sensitive data and preserving your privacy.

You can therefore browse anonymously or even bypass geo-blocks and access content from around the world. To help you in your quest for the best VPN that is both powerful and affordable, we’ve rounded up the offerings. We will present the most convincing to you, starting with NordVPN, currently available for only 2.80 € per month (instead of 10.16 €).

Discover the NordVPN offer

1 – NordVPN, the best deal of the month

NordVPN was launched in 2012 and is among the more reputable VPNs. It does offer an excellent quality of service, starting with extensive security parameters.

To protect you on the net, NordVPN encrypts your end-to-end browsing data using the best cybersecurity AES-256 algorithm. At the same time, this software completely conceals your IP address to preserve your identity. To go further, NordVPN also allows you to access the darknet while being covered by the VPN thanks to its Onion Over VPN feature.

That’s not all. Thanks to its servers, you will be able to thwart all geo-blocks. For information, its large network contains more than 5,000 servers in approximately 60 countries. As the VPN is compatible with most streaming platforms, you can watch new content wherever you are.

In addition, know that you will be able to enjoy these advantages on all your devices (computer, tablet, smartphone, smart TV, router, console, etc.) thanks to NordVPN’s multi-media application. And the good news is that NordVPN is giving you access to its Black Friday offer now.

Thanks to its promotion, its two-year package sees its price drop by -72%. Thus, you will be billed only € 67.15 for two years, compared to more than € 240 usually. The monthly price of NordVPN thus drops from € 10.16 to only € 2.80.

To top it off, note that the subscription includes 6 simultaneous connections. NordVPN therefore amply deserves the first place in our ranking, because a VPN of this quality at this price is exceptional. So grab this promotion quickly.

Take advantage of the NordVPN offer

2 – CyberGhost VPN, a very advantageous offer

In second place of our top, we find the famous CyberGhost VPN. This software occupies an important place in the VPN market, and you can benefit from it at a low price right now. Indeed, CyberGhost is already showing its Black Friday offer. For the occasion, the price of his two-year subscription drops by -84% and 2 months free are offered for any subscription.

Thus, you will be able to enjoy CyberGhost’s services for 26 months, for a total price of € 49.40, instead of more than € 300 in normal times. Put back at the price per month, this induces a decrease from 11.99 € to only 1.90 €. And even at this price, know that CyberGhost is doing everything to satisfy you.

This software camouflages your source IP address and encrypts your data with a powerful algorithm. As soon as the VPN is activated, you will therefore be able to browse in complete safety and confidentiality because no one will know what you are doing or who you are.

This VPN makes it possible in particular to bypass all geo-blocks, thanks to a network of more than 7,000 servers located in around 90 countries around the world. By connecting to these servers, you will be able to change your virtual location, and access foreign Netflix catalogs, but also geo-limited websites or even French television from abroad via its dedicated servers for streaming. It also offers VPN servers for P2P compatible with uTorrent.

Finally, know that the CyberGhost application is very easy to use and compatible with the main operating systems (Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux). Here you will be entitled to 7 simultaneous connections with a single account to cover all your devices.

So what are you waiting for to get started?

See CyberGhost offer

3 – Surfshark, an ultra secure VPN solution at a low price

We come to the third offer of our top, and it is at Surfshark that it is. You will see that this software has more than enough to satisfy you, starting with your online protection. First of all, be aware that Surfshark VPN encrypts your browsing information with a powerful algorithm, but also that it completely masks your IP address.

Also, Surfshark VPN displays an option called Kill Switch, which suspends your traffic if the VPN is disconnected, for protection at all times. But Surfshark’s strengths don’t stop there. Indeed, this software also allows you to circumvent geo-restrictions, and even to override Chinese censorship (the best VPNs for China here).

Surfshark allows you to do all this from its very intuitive application that can be used on all your devices (computer, tablet, smartphone, Smart TV, connected box). With Surfshark, also know that you can connect as many devices as you want at the same time on a single subscription.

And from now on, Surfshark is making you take advantage of its special Black Friday offer. The latter gives you an immediate 83% reduction on the two-year VPN subscription, but also 3 free months in addition.

For your 27 months of subscription, Surfshark will cost you only 51 €, against almost 300 € usually. The monthly VPN price drops from € 10.99 to just € 1.91, a much cheaper price.

If you’re interested, grab this great deal quickly before it expires.

Enter the Surfshark offer

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