these very practical options prevent you from having the wrong recipient

Gmail welcomes several new features that will make life easier for all those dizzy. To avoid the wrong recipient, the service now displays an avatar next to email addresses. Users who are not within the same company are also highlighted with a yellow banner, in order to avoid sharing confidential information by mistake.

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Like everyone else, you probably already have sent an email in error. A careless mistake, and the wrong person is receiving confidential information. Sometimes a certain recipient is simply forgotten. In short, this problem is very real and, especially in professional circles, can cause a number of inconveniences.

But that is now a thing of the past. In a blog post, Google announced the arrival of a whole host of features that address this concern. To start with display of the user’s avatar when his email address appears in the recipient bar. With his face on the screen, it will be more difficult to confuse him with another person.

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No more messing up recipients on Gmail

It is also best to avoid sharing sensitive information or documents with people who do not work in the same company. To do this, Gmail now displays these people in yellow, in order to differentiate your colleagues from other users. Google goes even further by displaying a prevention banner when you send an email to an external person for the first time.

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Some other small novelties are also arriving. Addresses with typos can be corrected quickly by double clicking on them. The recipients who are already in the mail loop appear grayed out to find them more quickly. Finally, duplicate addresses are automatically deleted. As with the improved search on Android, Google is making life a little bit easier for its users.

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