This 1/2 cm wide camera can capture high definition and color images

Small is powerful. Researchers at the University of Priceton have succeeded in developing a camera smaller than a fingernail and barely 1/2 centimeter wide capable of capturing images in high definition and color! This record of miniaturization aims at a medical objective: the miniature camera can be used as a surgical control instrument. The compactness of these instruments is in fact a particularly important criterion for this type of operation (it makes it possible to limit the size of the incisions, for example).

Rice grain camera

Miniature camera

The design of this camera is particularly original since the device does not have an optic: the component dedicated to capturing the images is a metastructure of 1.6 million nanoantennas (technology Neural Nano-Optics), a daring choice which made it possible to obtain a “camera” 500,000 times more compact than equivalent devices (for capturing images of the same resolution). The previous prototypes of miniature cameras did not manage to exceed resolutions of a few hundred pixels aside (like the OmniVision model, already used in the medical sector). The technological leap is therefore immense.

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