This 50 GB mobile plan at 7 euros (and not just the 1st year) will satisfy 99% of French people 🔥

Only a few days left to take advantage of this 50 GB mobile plan with a mini price that does not increase after the first year. Without commitment, it allows you to enjoy unlimited calls, SMS, MMS, both in France and abroad.

For the start of the school year, Cdiscount Mobile is pulling out all the stops and offering a mobile plan that is likely to make noise. Until Tuesday, September 6 inclusive, the virtual operator is launching a new limited series offering a whole host of advantages. This is a 50 GB package at 7 euros per month including unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 11 GB usable from the EU and the overseas departments. Its main asset? Its fixed price which will not increase even after the first year.

In case you don’t consume as much mobile data, don’t worry, you can choose the other formula which uses the same pricing mechanism. The latter allows you to subscribe to the 30 GB package (including 8 GB abroad) for only 6 euros per month. With, as we said, a price that will not experience a dizzying increase after a year. Enough to make great savings and considerably reduce your bill at this time of year.

I take advantage of this Cdiscount Mobile plan

As is generally the case, Cdiscount Mobile packages are non-binding. As a result, you are 100% free to terminate, whenever you want, without notice or proof.

Note that whatever package you choose, you must pay 10 euros when ordering, which represents the price of the triple-cut SIM card. The latter is compatible with all mobiles on the market and will be sent to you by post 48 hours after your subscription.

Cheap long-term mobile plans

In concrete terms, these two mobile plans offered by Cdiscount will be particularly suitable for people looking for an offer that they want to keep for the long term. While some people see no harm in changing plans every four mornings, on the lookout for the best rate, this can be quite tiring for some.

With the promise of a price that remains fixed, even after the first year, Cdiscount is therefore targeting users who want a reliable and inexpensive package that will last over time. This is the case of the 50 GB package at 7 euros and that of 30 GB at 6 euros currently highlighted on the official website of the virtual operator.

In addition to offering such a guarantee, the services they include are of excellent quality. It is recalled that Cdiscount Mobile relies on the Bouygues Telecom network (nearly 64 million French people on the 4G network). It is therefore able to offer a quality network as well as coverage that covers almost the entire population.

Also, the other advantage that distinguishes them from their competitors is that these mobile plans accompany you abroad. In other words, you benefit from the services included in France and abroad. This allows you to make calls and send SMS/MMS from 38 included destinations, of which 30 destinations are in Europe (27 EU countries + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) and 8 overseas destinations.

Currently, there is no offer as interesting as the one offered by Cdiscount Mobile. It will also not wait too long to take advantage of it since the operator does not plan to leave them online for long. You have until Tuesday, September 6 to subscribe and save a lot of money at the same time.

The other back-to-school mobile plans

If you change plans often enough, then you might be interested in the other two back-to-school offers. The 70 GB and 100 GB packages are offered at 7.99 euros and 9.99 euros respectively and both have a 12 GB internet envelope abroad. For the rest, these are exactly the same services as the found in the 30 GB and 50 GB packages.

The only difference is the tariffs which are valid for a period of 12 months. If you’re the type to change plans quite often, looking for the best deal, then one of these formulas may be right for you. If you are looking for a long-term package, then we advise you to go for the 30 GB at 6 euros or the 50 GB at 7 euros. Here is the price of the other two packages in question:

  • 70 GB package (+12 GB EU and DOM) at €7.99 then €11.99 after one year
  • 100 GB package (+12 GB EU and DOM) at €9.99 then €12.99 after one year

If you’re ready to switch plans, then you can easily do so and even keep your current number. To do this, it’s very simple and totally free. You must communicate your RIO number when you subscribe to your new operator (Cdiscount Mobile in this case).

You can get it by calling 3179 from your mobile phone to get it. It is thanks to this code that you can cancel and at the same time keep your number. For the start of the school year, Cdiscount Mobile is striking a big blow by offering a plan that adapts to everyone’s needs.

With or without condition of duration, from only 6 euros per month, all without commitment. Might as well take advantage of them as long as they are still available since after September 6, they will all disappear!

To discover the Cdiscount Mobile plans, it’s here:

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