This 50 GB mobile plan at €7 (even after a year) makes 99% of French people dream😍

Are you looking for a cheap, non-binding mobile plan whose price does not increase even after the first year? This good plan, still available for a few more hours, meets all these criteria perfectly.

If you want to make big savings, you won’t want to miss the Cdiscount Mobile 50 GB package at 7 euros per month which includes unlimited SMS and MMS calls and 11 GB abroad. The latter, in addition to being ultra accessible from a price point of view, is unlimited in duration. Which means that unlike other offers that we can see on the market, its price will remain the same in the long term.

After a year (and even beyond), as long as you don’t change it, it will cost you 7 euros every month. It’s quite comfortable and it allows you to have a long-term mobile plan offering a comfortable mobile data envelope – both in France and in the countries of the European Union or the overseas departments. To take advantage of it, you have until Tuesday, September 13 in the evening.

I take advantage of this Cdiscount Mobile plan

Regarding the SIM card, it is 10 euros that must be paid when you register. Finally, we remind you that this is a non-binding mobile plan which leaves you free to leave at any time, without any notice or proof to be given to Cdiscount Mobile. At the slightest annoyance, you can cancel for a similar or more advantageous offer.

Why choose this mobile plan?

As we said earlier, this mobile plan will be perfect for people who want a long-term offer and do not want to change it every 6 or 12 months. This is what Cdiscount Mobile offers here, whose network is based on that of the incumbent operator Bouygues Telecom and which therefore allows you to benefit from a quality service, accompanied by wide coverage of the territory.

Besides the promise of a price that will not increase even after the first year, Cdiscount offers other very interesting guarantees. We can for example cite the fact that his mobile plan accompanies you abroad. Clearly, this means that you can make calls and send SMS or MMS from more than 38 destinations included, including 30 destinations in Europe (27 EU countries + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) and 8 overseas destinations.

I take advantage of this Cdiscount Mobile plan

Enough to stay in touch with your friends or family, browse the internet, check your emails, entertain yourself on streaming platforms even during your escapades abroad. Indeed, next to the internet envelope of 50 GB to be used in France, you have 11 GB of mobile data usable every month from the EU and the overseas departments. Which should be more than enough for the vast majority of users.

Although it is offered at an ultra-competitive price, the mobile plan offered by Cdiscount is not destined to remain available indefinitely. You have until Tuesday evening (September 13) to subscribe. After that, it will be too late.

Other mobile plans for other needs

Because consumption habits in terms of mobile telephony are not the same for everyone, Cdiscount Mobile offers other offers on its official website. No less than three formulas are available, still until Tuesday evening. In fact, they are all without commitment of duration, but their prices increase significantly after one year.

Cdiscount mobile plans

We therefore find a 40 GB formula at 4.99 euros for one year (then 9.99 euros), a 70 GB package at 7.99 euros (then 11.99 euros) and finally, for large consumers of mobile Internet , a 100 GB package at 9.99 euros, the price of which will increase to 12.99 euros beyond 12 months. Like the 50 GB mobile plan at 7 euros, these come with unlimited calls, SMS, MMS, in France and abroad. Here are the details of the other offers available:

  • 40 GB package (+9 GB in EU and DOM) at 4.99 euros then 9.99 euros after one year
  • 70 GB package (+12 GB in EU and DOM) at 7.99 euros then 11.99 euros after one year
  • 100 GB package (+12 GB in EU and DOM) at 9.99 euros then 12.99 euros after one year

In case you want to take a new plan, you are therefore spoiled for choice with all these Cdiscount Mobile offers. We remind you that you can easily keep your current telephone number. To do this, simply call 3179 from your phone. You will then obtain your RIO code which you will then have to enter when subscribing to Cdiscount Mobile. The process takes two minutes in addition to being totally free.

With a wide range of plans that adapt to a maximum number of users, Cdiscount Mobile is becoming a serious challenger in the telecom market. The latter offers non-binding offers, with or without duration conditions, from only 64.99 euros per month. The services they include accompany you both in France and abroad, which is a real plus compared to some of its competitors’ other offers. You have until Tuesday evening to take advantage of it!

To discover the Cdiscount Mobile plans, it’s here:

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